Setting Straight Common Fables About Acupuncture Tucson

By Douglas Baker

If you are considering acupuncture treatment for the first time, you are likely to feel somewhat intimated. The many myths, half-truths and outright lies that surround this ancient practice may make you shy away from booking for your first appointment. Acupunctural practices have for centuries been used to deliver natural, holistic healing to people in all corners of the world. If you want to benefit from acupuncture Tucson has numerous proficient practitioners to offer.

Acupuncture can effectively treat different health concerns including anxiety, stress, pain and infertility. If you need treatment but you are afraid of the pain, possibly you have heard the myth that sessions are incredibly painful. The truth is that the paint you will experience is equitable to the pain of a mosquito bite.

Practitioners are skilled on how to carefully place the needles. This ensures that treatment is delivered without causing other concerns such as skin irritations. Once the body energy is redirected along the right highways, you will experience an electrical or pulsating feeling and this will mean that the treatment is working.

It is also false to assume that acupuncture is a practice that is not approved by health care professionals. What is true is that most doctors will even recommend scheduling for treatment sessions, especially when battling with certain ailments such as diabetes or even AIDS. Medical researchers have done countless studies that support and validate the effectiveness of acupunctural treatments.

Some people believe that acupuncture can only treat pain. This is also a myth, though it contains some truth. Yes, acupuncture can treat chronic pain, including aches caused by arthritis, migraines and fibromyalgia, though it can also treat a range of other health issues. You can benefit tremendously from sessions when seeking a means to ease the side effects of chemotherapy or when trying to address allergies, sleep disorders, infertility or depression among other health concerns.

It is false to claim that acupuncture has side effects. After a treatment session, you can continue with your day to day activities and it will not be necessary to change your routines. This can unfortunately not be expected when depending on some pharmaceuticals that are used for treating mental issues, pain and chronic conditions.

Another laughable myth is that the paybacks of acupuncture are purely psychological. This is unfortunately a widespread rumor that has led many people to believe that investing in treatments is not worthwhile. Such falsehood has fortunately been debunked by countless studies that prove otherwise.

By merely placing the needles along energy highways, endorphin production will be increased and the feel good hormones will help relieve tension, stress and anxiety. There are also hormones that combat inflammation that will be released. This, coupled with the opening of blocked energy channels will release the power of the body to naturally heal itself. Head to toe healing may not happen overnight, though you are bound to see some great changes, especially if you book for continuing treatment.

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