Physical Therapy Wilmington DE; Sports Injuries That Can Be Treated Through Physical Rehabilitation

By George Lee

Most people play sports for either recreational or professional reasons. Either way, players are always exposed to the risk of suffering injuries. Athletic injuries are frequently caused by fatigue, poor training methods, overuse and lack of effective conditioning. Through physical rehabilitation, an injured player can recover by managing pain, and rebuilding movement and strength. If you need physical therapy Wilmington DE is a good place to begin research for top rated chiropractors.

Physical therapy does more than just treat an existing concern. It also helps in preventing permanent damage of an injured tissue, muscle or joint. Sessions will also ensure that players are at reduced risk of suffering from similar injuries once they get back in the field. Here are common athletic injuries that can be treated through physical therapy.

There are numerous concerns that can be addressed through physical therapy. One of the most common concerns that a specialist can address is a sprained ankle. This type of injury occurs when an athlete moves the foot inwards, over-stretching or treating the ankle ligaments. Therapy focuses on building the strength of the quadriceps, hamstrings and glute muscles and this helps to treat the pain and boost both stability and flexibility.

Shin splints are characterized by a pain that shoots down the front part of the leg. Such an injury is commonly caused by running on hard surfaces. To avoid suffering from shin splints, you should ensure that your running shoes have effective arch support. Also run on different surfaces, including soft areas with turf. The idea is to avoid excessive pulling on the tendon because this is what causes shin splints.

Physical therapy can also come in handy when suffering from the tennis elbow. This is a concern caused by overuse of tendons situated around the elbow that leave the muscle inflamed. When seeking therapy, your chiropractor will use various exercises that can strengthen your forearm. These exercises will also reposition your body and relieve elbow stress when engaging in sports.

Physical rehabilitation can also address common knee injuries like the runners knee. When the kneecap and leg bone constantly rub against each other, this can result in kneecap inflammation and misalignment. Wearing the right footwear and engaging in exercises that build the strength of the quadriceps can assist in protecting you from knee injuries.

Professional athletes are predisposed to overusing or over-stretching certain muscles. Excess strain can tear the tendons or fibers of a muscle, causing a concern known as pulled muscles. This issue can cause swelling, stiffness or muscle spasms. Among the most popular type of pulled muscles is hamstring strains and it can be prevented by doing stretching exercises before workouts and thereafter.

Conditioning your body can assist greatly in keeping common sports injuries at bay. Your body needs to be prepared for workouts and you must also condition it afterwards before you rest. If you are injured and you need help recovering, a competent chiropractor can provide dependable physical rehabilitation to get you back in the game sooner than later.

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