Learn Why Getting Effective Sleep Apnea Relief Is Necessary

By Kathleen Cole

A sleep disorder exists in which the person momentarily stops breathing a few times while he or she is fast asleep. There are times, too, in which breathing cessations happen hundreds of times per night. This is what doctors call sleep apnea, and many are in fact suffering from it. In the US alone, experts say that over 22 million individuals are dealing with such. Obese and older men are the ones considered as at high risk of it, but women may end up with it as well. It's a must to obtain the best sleep apnea relief due to the fact that it can endanger the health of a person.

Excessive sleepiness during the day is one of the most obvious problems that it can bring about. This can keep the individual from having a productive day. Adults may fail to function optimally at work, while kids may not be able to perform very well in school. Also, excessive sleepiness during the day can endanger the life of the person as well as those around him or her.

According to health authorities, there are so many serious matters that can stem from the problem. For instance, it's not unlikely for the blood pressure of the individual to become increased. Having high blood pressure from time to time such as when exercising, tired or anxious is completely normal. However, it is an entirely different matter if the blood pressure is constantly elevated.

Making having high blood pressure all the time so alarming is the fact that it is regarded as a risk factor for heart disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that it's the number 1 killer all over the planet. In the US, it is said that about 610,000 individuals die of it annually.

Needless to say, breathing cessations while the person is sleeping can rob the body of much needed oxygen. It is certainly not a good idea for the brain to be deprived of oxygen. Evidently, this is something that can impair proper brain functioning. It can also cause the person with the disorder to experience intense headaches.

Suffering from heart disease can make it really dangerous to rob your brain of much needed oxygen. That's because it can significantly increase your risk of one day suffering from a stroke. Some people who get immediate medical care are able to survive stroke. Sadly, the rest are not as fortunate.

The said disorder can raise a person's odds of developing abnormally high blood sugar levels, too. This can cause symptoms such as fatigue, increased thirst and excessive hunger to show up. The problem with having high levels of blood sugar all the time is it's considered as a risk factor for diabetes. The moment that an individual develops diabetes, he or she is left with no other choice but to put up with it for life as there's no available treatment for it.

Due to the various associated complications, treating sleep apnea is so important. Fortunately, it can be controlled via some simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Numerous therapies for this problem are also around.

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