Important Matters About Hormone Replacement Therapy Meridian ID Doctors Offer

By Christopher McDonald

Not all menopausal women encounter unusual symptoms. Those who do, however, often look for remedies as many of their experienced symptoms can make everyday living really challenging. While it's true that the unfavorable symptoms usually go away on their own, it can take a few years for them to disappear. Luckily, there's hormone replacement therapy Meridian ID doctors are offering. Below are some really important matters every woman in the menopausal stage should know about this form of treatment.

This treatment is also called HRT. Needless to say, its objective is to have some of your hormones replaced. During menopause, the levels of certain hormones in your body decline.

One of those hormones is referred to as estrogen. When it's the one that is provided by a doctor, the treatment is called estrogen replacement therapy. Commonly, it is a treatment recommended for a woman whose uterus had been surgically removed. Some of the most usual reasons for having the uterus removed are heavy periods and severe pelvic pain, both of which can be due to underlying medical conditions like fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease.

There are many different ways to have estrogen administered to menopausal women or others who also require the said hormone. The most common form is the intake of the estrogen pill. More often than not, it is taken by mouth once a day only, usually without food for better absorption of its contents. Some women who are in the menopausal stage may be provided with more complicated dosing schedules.

It's also possible for estrogen to be delivered via a patch. Needless to say, its administration is just like placing a sticker on your skin. Some patches may be worn for one week at a time, while there are those that should be replaced after a few days. Doctors say estrogen patches are primarily meant for keeping at bay osteoporosis. Menopausal women are at high risk of suffering from weakening of the bones.

Also available are estrogen sprays, gels and creams. Some of these products are massaged on the arms, while the rest are administered on the legs. Often, these topical products are applied once a day only. However, some women who are experiencing intense menopause symptoms may have more complicated dosing instructions.

In some instances, it's not just estrogen that is administered. There are cases in which the said hormone is provided with another that's called progesterone. While it is often used as a form of contraceptive, progesterone is also usually employed for the management of the various symptoms of menopause.

Definitely, HRT is a treatment that can help make those truly annoying night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings and unintended gaining of weight disappear. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean right away that it is suitable for you. A doctor may refuse to administer the treatment if you have a history of heart disease, blood clots, cancer and liver problems. It's important to note that HRT also comes with certain side effects. Make sure that you ask your doctor about the benefits as well as downsides.

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