How Women Can Benefit From The Mona Lisa Touch

By Melissa Taylor

The most famous painting worldwide, hanging in the halls of the Louvre, is a testament to the strength, beauty, maybe mystery, of women. Or perhaps the creators of this technology we are going to discourse about today were just looking for a fancy name for their product. Anyway, lets get on to Mona Lisa Touch Santa Monica.

Menopause is a word that gets thrown around every now and then. Its dreaded by women who see it as a rite of passage, and by men who care nothing more than its related symptomatic terrible mood swings. However, it also actually has ramifications to a womans general health and well being.

Some women experience physical and hormonal issues during the post menopausal period. Due to a gradual decrease of estrogen, symptoms like vaginal dryness, burning, and itching, actuate. Generally, this atrophy results in the tightening and shortening of the canal leading up to the uterus, leading to discomfort and pain. That can be pretty much debilitating and disruptive to sexual health.

A technology has been developed to address this, however. The MLT is essentially a rejuvenation procedure that aims to reverse the effects brought about by vaginal atrophy and its whole string of symptoms. A CO2 laser energy is targeted to stimulate vaginal tissues, resulting in energy pulses that bring about the production of collagen, a protein essential to the health of the reproductive systems cells.

Of course, it wouldnt do to dwell only on mere physicality. Aside from the concrete repercussions, this development might also have other adverse ramifications on the patient. Outside of that, there might also actuate a psychological or an emotional impact. Needless to say, this condition can likely impinge on a persons intimate relationships.

CO2 fractional laser technology is used. This laser is inserted therein, and its pulses stimulate the production of new collagen. At the same time, lubrication and blood flow are increased, those which vamp up the vaginas natural function.

The benefits of the MLT abound. As it is, traditional hormone treatments are not amenable to the health of some women in the targeted age group. Also, some or most require surgical procedures, that which can be a worrying concept for certain women. Surgery, by itself, would also translate to longer recovery periods and excessive downtime. Plus, there have been evidences that this procedure increase the risk for strokes, heart attack, and even breast cancer.

This is not a one time procedure, however. Although patients feel an immediate improvement from the very first, a patient will have to receive three treatments at most, which are generally set about one month and a half apart. After that, they do annual visits. One session just takes less than five minutes, and patients should refrain from intercourse for about three days or so. Post procedure regimens vary with each womans personal state of health.

That includes its minimum downtime. Women can immediately return to their daily lifestyle, and wouldnt have to think about the next session set in the next six weeks. It is also less worrying to anxious women, as no anesthesia is needed, establishing the fact that its generally painless. Lastly, it has been proven free of side effects, and safe for cancer survivors and other people whose state of health is at a crisis.

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