Herbal Beverages For Back Pain Long Island Locals May Brew And Drink

By Frances Schmidt

Many people who are suffering from achy backs are wary of taking anti inflammatory drugs. It's for the fact that these pharmaceutical remedies are known to cause some unfavorable side effects. There are also many health dangers associated with the intake of these medications, especially if high doses of them are administered for a long time. Luckily, there are so many all natural alternatives available. Below are some herbal teas for back pain Long Island residents may count on.

Cayenne pepper tea. Many weight watchers are aware that teas out of cayenne pepper can help make excess pounds go away. It's for the fact that the said spice is capable of raising the core temperature, thus accelerating the metabolic rate. Not too many people, however, know that cayenne pepper tea is also very good at alleviating aches and pains as it comes with anti inflammatory abilities.

Turmeric tea. Traditional healers recommend turmeric for dealing with joint pain and swelling. This medicinal herb that is also commonly used for whipping up many Asian and Middle Eastern foods is topically applied so that the anti inflammatory compounds in it may be delivered to where they are necessitated. However, turmeric is also usually administered in tea form especially if the inflammation is taking place systemically.

Ginger tea. Many people are well aware of the fact that ginger tea is an excellent home remedy for an assortment of digestive tract issues. Some of them include nausea, vomiting, heartburn, indigestion, stomach cramping and diarrhea. A lot of pregnant women take it for alleviating morning sickness. Someone whose spine feels painful may also consume this beverage because ginger is capable of dealing with inflammation just like turmeric, which is its cousin.

Devil's claw tea. Even though it is named as such, devil's claw is a gift from above. This is true most especially for individuals who are suffering from painful backs, including the lower part. Consuming it in the form of tea is capable of relieving the symptoms of arthritis. Unfortunately, people with digestive tract issues are discouraged from taking it.

Valerian root. The intake of tea that's out of valerian root may be done if muscle spasms are being experienced. Scientists confirm that the said herbal drink can help alleviate the problem. By the way, valerian root is also a popular herb for people who wish to deal with their anxiety and stress in an all natural manner.

Chamomile tea. Those who are experiencing mild aches and pains may brew and consume chamomile tea. This herbal beverage is best taken at night. It's for the fact that it can also encourage a good night's sleep, making it beneficial for those who cannot catch some shut eye because of their aching spines.

Prior to consuming herbal teas and other preparations, consulting a doctor should be done first. This is true for someone who has a known medical condition or is pregnant or breastfeeding. The intake of herbal beverages is best done with the help of an herbalist with sufficient training and experience.

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