Head Position In Sleep Apnea: Relieving Sleep Apnea Relief In Few Simple Steps

By Joseph Meyer

Estimates show that there are approximately 20 million Americans with sleep apnea. The condition usually affects an individual during the nap hours and causes them to pause while breathing or to even miss their breaths for a few minutes or seconds. You might probably be one of those individuals suffering from this condition or maybe someone that you love could be suffering from this problem. The question that arises during such cases is whether there is a solution that can alleviate the symptoms of the condition. Here are some of the solutions to relieving the sleep apnea symptoms including Head position in Sleep Apnea.

The symptoms of this condition can be relieved through the adjustment of your lifestyle especially as it relates to the consumption of the relaxing substances such as tobacco, sedatives, and alcohol before bedtime. If you have no other choice than to take these relaxing substances, ensure you do so a few moments before you go to bed.

The other method that you can use to deal with this condition is to take that most important decision to reduce your body weight. People suffering from this disease are required to shed off a few kilograms of their weight. If you have been diagnosed with this condition you can significantly improve the quality of your nap if you follow this advice.

Another important method of relieving the symptoms of this condition is the maintenance of a consistent nap schedule. If you have a consistent routine for sleeping and waking up, you will be able to not only encourage quality nap but also smooth up the natural nap pattern of the body.

Blockage of the nasal passage is one of the most common symptoms of this condition. You can open up the nasal passages using nasal dilators and sprays just before you get into bed. These substances play a critical role in relieving the symptoms of this condition. In the event where they fail to alleviate the symptoms, it is recommended that you seek medical care.

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you can alleviate the symptoms if you raise the upper part of your bed by 4 to 6 inches. There is a special pillow that is effective in relieving these symptoms as it allows your nasal passage to remain open all through the night as you nap. You can significantly improve on your nap quality through the adoption of such plans.

In some instances, you need to go beyond the lifestyle change and pursue the various options for the treatment of this condition. Most of the physicians recommend the placement of the continuous positive air pressure mask on the face for the distribution of air pressure in the nasal opening. This treatment option works by pushing air into the lungs thereby reducing the chances of experiencing pauses in breathing during nap.

Surgery is the last option for alleviating the symptoms of this condition. It is one of the best solutions to increasing the airway. The benefits of going through surgery should be weighed against the chances for complications, infections, and the probability of worsening the condition. Before you opt for this option, it is important for you to discuss this with your medical provider.

You should use the above strategies to alleviate the apnea symptoms to reduce the risk of developing other medical conditions. If properly treated, you can be guaranteed of good quality nap and better health.

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