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By Eric Hughes

Much of what the human body does is controlled by hormones, including things such as growth patterns, sexual responses, and moods. As a person ages, their natural manufacturing of these elements begins to decrease and their body can experience a bevy of unpleasant side effects. Those who choose to undergo bioidentical therapy Boise ID experience fewer of these uncomfortable moments.

During their lifetime, a person will experience various phases and levels of hormonal production. With the onset of puberty comes a dramatic increase in how much is produced, though it evens out with maturity and starts declining in midlife. These fluctuations typically lead to big changes for both women and men.

Although both of the sexes experience fluctuation, they will respond to them very differently. Men typically see circumstances such as hair loss, deeper wrinkles, lower sex drive, mellowed aggression, and graying. Women have side effects of a more extreme nature like menopause, hot flashes, intimacy challenges, decreased hair pigmentation, brittle nails, and collagen loss in the skin.

When someone is faced with this particular situation, the changes can come about so suddenly that it noticeably affects their comfort level on a daily basis. At this point, consulting with one's personal physician is the best way to find out how to most effectively handle making these changes more bearable . A lot of factors go into the process of determining what approach would be most beneficial for the individual based on their own unique needs and lifestyle.

One of the most common methods by which doctors assist their patients in adjusting to their new circumstances is by prescribing hormonal replacement therapies. Synthetically produced hormones can be administered through injections or pills to regulate bodily functions and help the individual feel more like themselves. Though widely utilized and accepted, there are some drawbacks to this approach which has many people turning to more organic possibilities.

Products that are synthesized in a laboratory are very good at imitating nature, though they fail to perfectly duplicate it. There have been many times when a person's body tried to reject the substances or where the product simply fails to effectively manage the symptoms of hormonal fluctuations. Advancements in scientific research has recently made it possible for people to get hormone replacement that is biologically identical to that which they naturally produced throughout their lifetime.

This is a process where the biologically produced hormones of a patient are collected and replicated into a formula creating identical replacements that are incredibly effective at treating this condition. The dosages and delivery system - be it by pill, topical cream, injection, or capsule - are prescribed by a doctor and especially mixed individually by a pharmacist as needed. The majority of people find great success with this method as their body does not reject, or have adverse reactions to something it recognizes as its own.

No one has to be subjected to the inconvenience or discomfort involved with lower hormone levels any longer. Those who feel synthetic options have been ineffective, or that have a preference for natural approaches, should speak to their doctor about using biologically identical alternatives for replacement and relief. With multiple delivery methods, this is something that can be suited to the preferences and needs of most any individual.

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