Ethnic Rhinoplasty Houston And What You Need To Know

By Lisa Howard

Ethnic rhinoplasty is an advanced procedure that is used to help people of African, East Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern descent to achieve beautiful nasal contours. People from these ethnicities tend to have different nasal structures than Caucasians. In addition to that, they have unique nasal features. In order to achieve desired results, such patients seek services of rhinoplasty specialists. In consideration of ethnic rhinoplasty Houston residents need to be versed with what it involves.

The decision for one to go for the surgery is a personal one. It is the patient who should make a final decision. There will be a scheduled consultation with the surgeon. During the consultation, there is a physical examination. It is also at that time that the surgeon will seek to know why you want to consider the surgical procedure. They will then help to come up with a suitable procedure.

The most ideal candidates have realistic expectations, are in good health or have oversized nostrils. The surgical procedure is useful in reshaping the nose through reduction or increase of the size. The shape is able to be altered from the tip, at the nostrils or at the bridge. There might also be altering of the angle between the nose and upper lips. There are people who opt for the procedure to resolve breathing complications. The surgeon will come up with an effective plan to ensure results meet proportions for facial structure.

The surgical procedure is done as an outpatient procedure. General anesthesia is used. The majority of patients will need cartilage grafts for treatment of flat noses. When it comes to the grafting, there is extraction of any excess cartilage from the nose, which will be used to reshape the nasal structure. There are some cases whereby there is insertion of artificial implants into the bridge of the nose in order to reinforce structure of the nose.

A patient might also need in-depth nasal reshaping of the tip which is used to address large nose tips. Procedures involves are complex, which is why you need to ensure you only work with a qualified and experienced professional. The selected surgeon should make use of advanced surgical procedures.

During the recovery period, there might be soreness, numbness and tenderness within the nose. In some cases, there could be some mild bleeding for one or two days. The effects will reduce after one or two days. You will be required to keep your head elevated at all times, which includes during sleep. There should not be strenuous activities like lifting of objects that are heavy or activities which involve bending.

During the period after surgery, there will be follow up meetings with the surgeon. That is so that the healing progress is within schedule. The surgeon will also advice on the best time to resume work or normal routine. After the surgery, one is supposed to take two weeks off. However, there are patients who return to work after just some days.

Further improvement will be realized after swelling and bruising reduce. There is however residual swelling which can be there for as long as one year. The swelling will not be noticeable to other people. Appearance of the individual will keep improving as they heal.

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