Essential Microblading Tips You Should Remember Before The Treatment

By Emily Gurley

Being spotted with lovely eyebrows is a must. Aside from enhancing your eyes as well as face, they also express your emotions. It's due to this why you have to allot plenty of your time to ensuring that they remain perfect. If it seems like you're in a rush constantly, it's a good idea to consider microblading. Regarded as a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, it lets you be seen with beautiful eyebrows for several months. A lot of skin care centers offer it nowadays, enabling you to sport the perfect eyebrows hassle free. Prior to your treatment, however, you have to keep in mind some very simple Microblading Tips if what you want is the best possible outcome and a pleasing experience, too.

Shield your face from the sun. Regularly apply sunscreen that's boasting of an SPF of not less than 30. This is most especially true if you cannot stay indoors or under the shade during the day. Having no sunburn is a must the moment that you go to the clinic. By the way, the use of tanning lamps and beds should be avoided as well.

Avoid getting any facial treatment. For someone who is beauty conscious, having regular facials is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, it's something that has to be dodged prior to the procedure if the objective is to end up with the best eyebrows. In addition, experts confirm that getting botox injections should be avoided in the meantime.

Dodge removal of your eyebrows. About a week before the treatment strikes, you should start skipping any hair removal procedure. It doesn't matter if you prefer shaving, plucking, waxing or threading. The goal is to give the practitioner a good idea on the actual shape of your eyebrows, which is crucial for the attainment of natural looking results.

Stop supplementing with fish oil. It cannot be denied that fish oil is beneficial for the joints, heart and brain. Unfortunately, you should avoid popping it in your mouth one week before the procedure happens. That's because fish oil is also a thinner of the blood. Keeping on taking fish oil can cause you to bleed unnecessarily during the beauty treatment. Do take note that both vitamin E and aspirin have to be avoided as well because they can thin the blood, too.

Avoid getting your dose of exercise before the treatment. If you are a fitness buff, consider ditching working out for a day. This should be done in order to fend off unnecessary bleeding. For a week after having your eyebrows done, exercising should also be avoided.

Do not consume alcoholic drinks. About two days prior to your appointment, make sure that you fight off any urge to have alcohol. It's for the fact that alcoholic drinks can thin the blood. What's more, practitioners say that consuming alcohol may lead to unwanted bruising.

Refrain from having coffee. You also should avoid drinking a cup of coffee. Anything with caffeine in it needs to be dodged as well. Coffee can cause stimulation of the nervous system, thus considerably increasing your perception of pain. You may experience discomfort even after a numbing agent is applied prior to the procedure.

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