Choosing From Sustainable Toothbrush Alternatives

By Kimberly Wallace

An increase in eco-friendly products has been noticed throughout the world, as more and more people are taking an interest in this way of life. For this reason, a lot of companies decided to offer alternatives for some common items, among which bio-degradable paper bags, sustainable toothbrush alternatives, Styrofoam cups and more.

If you are interested in using eco-friendlier alternatives in your life, and perhaps are already reducing the plastic use, why not change the toothbrush and cosmetic containers as well? In terms of environmental friendly toothbrushes, the bamboo ones are the most advertised and vastly known. However, it is important to research a bit before choosing one, as the low quality ones can get quite soggy and have a weird taste.

One of the questions you may ask yourself is if the bamboo toothbrush is indeed 100% compostable. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all of them, as the bristles are usually not biodegradable. The only ones that are fully compostable are the ones that use pig hair, which is not desired if you are vegan or vegetarian. In this case you may just have to settle with only the handle being compostable, which is still a big improvement from the plastic and rubber ones.

Besides bamboo, other types of eco-friendly toothbrushes would be the ones made from recycled plastic, corn or wheat straw. There are a few companies that create and sell these types, including one made from recycled yoghurt pots. When they are ready to be replaced you can send them back and they will recycle and reuse them.

You can now find even entirely recyclable packaging for them or other household items. The wrappers are made out of recycled paper, with no use of tape or any glue, or corn starch. The wrapper is decomposable within a month in a city composter, or more than a month in a household, depending on the temperature.

Some companies are also checking new ways to create the wrappers and packaging for their products, in order for them to be environmental friendly and to observe the rules in the countries they want to sell to. For example, there are tests conducted to create a new wrapper made of wood cellulose.

Besides using a bamboo toothbrush, you can get a charcoal one. However, please note that dentists are warning against using them, or the ones using activated charcoal as it may hurt your enamel. Even though you may have heard that activated charcoal will help remove stains and plaque and prevent cavities, there is no proof or scientific study to attest to this.

The general concern regarding the environmental issues we are facing is growing, and more and more people are taking a stand against waste and non-eco-friendly items. Plastic is one of the materials used worldwide and it is used in almost every item we use and it is non-degradable and will remain in the land or water for hundreds of years. This is why focusing on using and developing eco-friendly options is extremely important.

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