Causes And Remedies Of Foot Odor

By Kimberly Ward

Feet are important parts of the body and are used by individuals to move from one place to another. They are a source of pains, discomfort and a bad smell. While other people find it hard to walk due to pain, others experience a small issue of having foot odor leading them to fear of removing their shoes in the presence of others.

Foot fragrance is caused by continually wearing one type of shoe, using socks made of nylon material, not drying your feet well after a bath and poor hygiene. Bad smell can be as a result of infection this if an individual has observed the above name factors and still experiences bad odor they are counseled to seek medical attention. This is because fungal infection like athletic foot can cause lousy bouquet.

Wearing closed shoes without socks can lead to accumulation of sweat, dirt, and oils. This provides a conducive environment for bacteria to grow. People who wear closed foot wear are guided to slip off sandals as often as possible. This applies to those working or living in very hot surroundings. Bacteria are the vital source of the base scent. This is because they feed on the dead skin converting the chemicals into the sulfuric aroma.

Replacing the insole reduces the development of fungal diseases. A person may use antibacterial spray on their shoes to help prevent bad smell. Several home methods can be used to avoid bad odor. This includes the use of scrap to remove dead skin thus killing bacteria. Also, an individual can soak hid or her feet in vinegar on a daily basis. However, people with cuts and other injuries are recommended to avoid using this technique.

The presence of whiff in the bottom can be prevented through hygiene. This is achieved by individuals through constantly removing the dead skin in their body hence preventing the growth of bacteria. Pumice stone is used to remove dead skin. Individuals are instructed to avoid wearing smacks made of synthetic material, change their hose frequently and ensure that their feet are cleaned and dried at all times.

Clients are advised to wash their feet regularly with warm water and soap, blow dry your feel this helps reduce moisture. Talcum powder can be applied on the feet to prevent bacterial growth ensure that you change your soak every day. Alternate your shoes, after wearing a pair of shoes always let it get some air for at least twenty for hours before using it again.

The smell is a mixture of ammonia, fatty acids and lactic acid the scent is. This bouquet is often associated with feet but it can originate from dairy products, fish pottage and is naturally present in some vegetation. People with strong an irresistible smelly base are instructed to see medical attention as this may be a sign of severe disease. There has been the establishment of certain types of chemicals which are used to prevent the feet from smelling.

Base scent is not all bad but has some benefits including its use in coming up with many inventions. It has also led to the fight of certain illnesses like malaria. It is used in training dogs. Canines use this smell to track criminals and to identify their owners. It is the cheapest method that individuals can use to control deer out of their gardens.

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