Caring Tips For Contact Lenses Columbus

By Betty Howard

Lenses can help you look your best while you enjoy a good all-around vision at all times. If you are new to them, it is easy for you to get used to wearing and handling them. You may require a little bit of time to adapt, but you will soon forget that you are wearing them. Here are some of the tips on contact lenses Columbus you need to look into.

If you would like to wear contacts, you first have to undergo an eye exam. Be prepared for a long exam as it will take longer than your normal eye exam. Your doctor will first determine if you are in a position to use them. He or she will then take measurements of your eyes to get the exact measurements. These measurements allow them to find the best lens.

Choose the type of lenses you would like to wear. There are two categories of lenses which are the rigid gas permeable and the soft types. The soft ones are extremely thin and are easy to wear. Since they are made of water, they are soft to touch. The rigid ones are made up of plastic which gives a very clear vision. They are good since they can correct many vision problems.

You first need to get used to wearing them. At first, it will be quite tricky for you to put them on and remove them. Keep in mind that you should always start with the same eye every time you put them in or take them out to avoid mixing them up. If you have a friend who uses them, it will be helpful if they show you how they put them on.

It is important that you get used to a routine that will help in elongating the life of the lenses. Start by doing a self-check each day. Determine if they feel alright and whether you can see clearly with them. Your hands need to be cleaned and dried using a towel before you touch them. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes due to irritation from soil or other things. Even though it may be hard, rubbing your eyes can damage them. After cleaning and disinfecting them, make sure that you store them in their casing.

There are times when you may experience dry eyes more so when you are around air-conditioning, dust, smoke or staring at your computer for long. This can be corrected by using re-wetting drops that can help keep eyes dehydrated. You also should make sure you drink the required amounts of water so that your body stays dehydrated. In addition, blinking as often as possible helps you to maintain moisture around eyes.

Your eye practitioner needs to show you how to care for them effectively. Ensure that you use quality products whenever cleaning them to remove bacteria buildup. You should keep in mind that they are medical devices which ought to be taken seriously and with proper care, you can see clearly and can have a peace of mind.

After a week of using them, you should go for a check-up. When you feel that there is something not right, ensure you notify your practitioner immediately. To add on this, stick to the wear and replacement schedule as there are those that are meant to be used for one day whereas others can be used for a long duration.

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