Benefits Of Equine Bone And Joint Support

By Matthew Harris

The longevity and performance of equines can be boosted by simply providing them with supplements. A method many owners have adopted when it comes to giving them is through injection. Even though it improves performance and offers immediate relief, it can bring about problems later on. If you own horses, here are guidelines about equine bone and joint support to read about.

There are some supplements available provided in the market that provides joint therapy. Before buying, you need to communicate with a specialist who will offer you information regarding the best supplements that you ought to acquire. This helps you to purchase supplementation that will help prevent issues like arthritis and many more.

Supplementing is very important in relieving pain and discomfort for horses with already developed joint problems. If you own an athletic horse which has developed injury during training or competition, the supplements help to rebuild and strengthen connective tissues. Feeding it provides relief to the horse allowing him or her to regain movement. This is very crucial more so for the older horses that may have issues due to the buildup of past injuries.

Determine a time you will offer supplements. According to research carried out, supplements ought to be given almost immediately. They are composed of chondroitin sulphate, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and other vital ingredients. They are required in making joints sturdy and healthy thereby ensuring the animals do not face problems in the time to come. Because of this, it is imperative you supplement them prior to exhibiting signs of pain and distress.

When buying them for the animal, you need to ensure that the horse is getting the best type available. There are very vital ingredients which should be included in it. Providing the animal with a complete mineral and vitamin ration ensures that they get manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C and so on. By providing them with such a combination, you will not only increase their ability to perform but will also make sure that they are happy and healthy.

You should avoid over-supplementing at all costs. The animal needs to be provided with a balanced daily ration with both the micro and macro-nutrients provided. Although many of these elements are secure and are provided orally, over supplementing is harmful to their health. This is because they will be getting double or triple the required amount of minerals than what is needed. This may make the young ones develop stiffness or lameness.

When buying the supplements, it is important you select a product of quality from reputable manufacturers. Since there are very many manufacturers available, when buying anyhow, you will get poor quality products that your horse will not benefit from. They may not contain the exact ingredients mentioned on the label and at times may be contaminated.

Many of them available are termed secure. In spite of this, there are those that have herbs and therefore are not safe more so when given together with other medication. You need to inform your vet about the kind of supplements being given together with the quantity. By working with them, you will be aware of the dietary requirements.

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