Approved Natural Supplements For Autistic Children

By Rebecca Long

Food plays a part in the rehabilitation and management of the health of children with autism spectrum. A balanced diet is necessary but therapeutic natural supplements for autistic children will help a great deal. These foods are ordinary varieties that can be obtained from a nearby store. However, each variety has a unique impact on the life of child.

Food supplement helps in different aspects depending on the choices you make and needs of your child. They reduce general inflammation in the body and therefore keep your kid healthy. They are also effective in restoring intestinal barriers beyond improving gut microbiology or healthy bacterial composition. Food is also effective in boosting the immunity of the child. It speeds up detoxification and serve as a good source of antioxidants.

There is no universal supplement for kids with autism. Each child has unique needs which will drive you to make particular choices. An example is where some children experience a problem with their stomachs that is solved with the use of garlic. Since this is not a universal issue, giving garlic to your child will not help. You will also find others who can tolerate the histamine in fermented foods while others cannot.

The use of supplements should be guided by the eating habits of children and their health as well as dietary needs. While some may be dealing with viral and bacterial infections that are persistent, others may need Vitamin B boost. Picky feeders will also present a huge challenge when choosing foods because some cannot tolerate particular smells and tastes. However, try to explore the options in order to develop a range of foods that will be useful.

Add natural fats and oils in the diet of a child with autism. These fats and oils include olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil, among others. Butter and ghee are also known to enhance absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K beyond improving the health of your digestive system. Coconut is an excellent antioxidant with fats inhibiting the growth of candida and strengthening immunity.

Omega 3 will help kids with autism as much as it helps ordinary ones. A child with autism will benefit from improved brain functions because of a boost in DHA or the grey matter of human brain. This matter helps in thinking and is therefore crucial in enhancing the capacity of children at young age. Omega 3 is found in such foods as mercury free fish, algae oil, sea algae and such extracts from the water.

Probiotics help to boost the health of the digestive system. They improve the bacterial composition of the stomach and in the process make your stomach healthier. They help in repair of intestinal walls beyond improving nutrient absorption and enhancing your immunity. Fermented vegetables, raw apple cider vinegar and kefir made from coconut water are some of the options. These foods are introduced slowly to gauge the level of tolerance.

Do not introduce the foods abruptly because they will offset the digestive system. Allow the body time to adjust to avoid adverse reactions. Work with your doctor and also consult a specialist nutritionist to avoid nasty reactions. Infants should be breastfed if they are of a young age with mothers being advised to diligently attend prenatal clinics.

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