An Overview Of Concussion Recovery

By David Lee

Concussions happen all the time in sport or in accidents. Sometimes, this is very serious, and at other times, it lasts no time at all, with the person getting back on their feet again and continuing with what they were dong before. Concussion recovery may be quick, but one has to watch out for a relapse, because this can be dangerous.

Sometimes, people may not even know that they are still having a concussion. It can be very mild. They will be having a headache with some dizziness. Memory is often poor. In some cases, there is vomiting. Many people become depressed, along with other emotions which can be sudden. Balance is initially poor and they are usually tired.

For example, they may become dizzy and start vomiting. Some people will get a bad headache. A lot of people suffer from depression and anxiety as they begin to recover, but they may still have the concussion which they are dealing with. Blurred vision can set in as well.

The recovery will take up to 10 days, and usually is not less than a week. However, in many cases, it will take months, especially when you are not aware of this and you continue with your activities. Essentially, you need to rest after an injury to the head. It has taken a big impact. The brain would have come into contact with the skull, so one can imagine that a great deal of rest is required.

It can lead to traumatic brain damage, which is incredibly dangerous and it can leave the person with long lasting brain damage. A person like this will be affected with memory loss and mental illness. They won't be able to perform as they were able to. Physically, they may struggle. Of course, this will vary from one person to the next.

For people who know how to recover the right way, they will get as much rest as people within the ten days which it takes to heal from this. In addition to this, they will stay away from screens which are bright and loud. They tend to flash and this is not good for the eyes and the brain, of course.

To make sure that you are on track and recovering from your concussion, it is important that you are following all of the right steps. Besides getting rest and staying away from regular vigorous activities, you also need to make sure that you are in a peaceful environment. This means that you need to stay away from screen time which is going to be overwhelming for you.

It can relate to the laptop, cellphone, TV and the movies. Too many bright lights, loud sounds and noises will also affect the recovery time. Make sure that you are eating the right things and you stay away from alcohol. Replace this with lots of water. This will lead to the healing process. Slowly, you can get back to your activities, but this shouldn't include those which are too vigorous in nature.

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