All About The Esthetician Practical Exam Kit

By Peter Wright

Being an esthetician isnt at all as breezy as its cracked up to be. After all, its not merely all about being artsy, creative, and having a steady hand. A certain street smarts and common sense is of course to be pitched in. But theres one thing not to be forgotten, since it is this, after all, that would make all the difference in whether or not one would be able to get to work and be productive in the first place. Were referring to the esthetician practical exam kit.

There are all kinds of procedures and application techniques graded in the practical exam. For example, theres the ability to apply makeup without double dipping. Theres also the able use and application of makeup supplies. Not leas is making good sure that your work area and supplies are completely aseptic. In laymans term, that means theyre free from contamination or infection.

Being an esthetician is a responsible job. Its not just all about making your clients more presentable and beautiful on special occasions, though thats certainly the most basic job description. No, its a responsible job in that youre putting in quite a considerable stake at hand, since there are all the safety and sanitary concerns to keep in mind.

It is due to this regard that its very much recommendable for practicing estheticians to get a license or certification of sorts. That would make it easier for them to land a job since most clients and employers demand it from them. Both can be sourced though passing a state board examination. Theyre all found and differ remarkably in all states.

All throughout the examination, proper infection or contamination control must be observed. The reasons for this are pretty much intuitive. Of course, beautification and cosmetology can be a bit of an invasive procedure, and it wouldnt do to reuse tools on motley customers without them having been washed or sterilized.

The needed tools to populate your kit depends on the examination board, so make sure that you check their list to see whether you have sourced some or all of them. Common esthetician supplies include a mannequin and table clamp, though some examinations would perhaps require a live model. Theres the cleaning face cream, astringents and toners, and also the massage creams and fabric strips. There are likewise the tweezers, soft and hard wax products, wax heaters, facial masks, and the moisturizer, plus the common makeup implements.

The kit or tote bag in itself may be an asset, as its proper organization and compartmentalization make it particularly nifty. There are the drapes, wipes, eye pads, eye mask brush, headbands, and the wooden and plastic applicators. Given the need for sanitation and the preclusion of contamination and infection, theres quite a lot of disposable staples, from head bands, mascara, lip brushes, and shadow applicators.

Next, theres the facial procedures. These involve a step by step process that can start, perhaps, with the cleansing and toning of the models face and neck. Next off is performing a facial massage that includes a wide array of specific massage stroke. Theres likewise the application of treatment mask and protection on the model. These arent at all as easy as theyre cracked up to be, since they include, among others, the analysis of the unique skin type, face shape, et cetera of you model.

Makeup application and hairstyling comes last. This involves the proper applications and choosing of the proper makeup type that meshes well with her physical characteristics. There should be the proper application of foundation, then face powder, eye shadow, brow color, eyeliner, mascara, cheek color, and then lip liner and color. Corrective cosmetics are applied when necessary. The esthetician should also know how to clean properly after herself or himself, so the aftercare should be accordingly dealt with. Of course, all these will be for naught if some such tools or implements are lacking from the estheticians kit, so the student should well ensure to source them all before the examination.

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