A Guide On Nail Dipping Powder Kit For Beginners

By Barbara Murray

Trends are constantly changing. Sometimes it stays for a long time, but usually, it only lasts for a few moments, until the mass gets tired of it and replaces it with a new one. This is true for almost everything. Gadgets, fashion, beauty, and even habits. If we are taking it to the extremes, even the sense of humor that is widespread is consistently being replaced. One example of this is the nail dipping powder kit.

Acrylic nail polish still remains to be the most popular method of applying color on nails, especially in the older generation. However, there have been many innovations that has been made since then. Most, if not all, salons now offer a gel manicure service where your hand goes under a machine with blue light to let it dry. And now, a new method in the form of dipping your nails in powder has sprung out.

This is incredibly easy to do. You can bet that even a five year old kid can do it by themselves, with a guardian overlooking everything, of course. Anyone can do it at home if they wish to, but salons are quickly getting on the trend.

Because you would not have to burden your nails with layers of thick acrylic, it comes out healthier once it grows. As this method puts on a thinner layer than its earlier versions, you can expect that more nutrients and vitamins can seep in your beloved nails. Thus, the chances of suffocating your beautiful nails are greatly reduced.

Before you begin, make sure that your beautiful nails are squeaky clean and ready for application. After that, apply a base coat so the powder sticks. All that is left to do is to dip your nails. Many people say it actually feels therapeutic, but it could just be because they are excited at how easy it really is.

Dip powders can last up to eight weeks. That is, if you let it grow out that much. However, given the wide variety of color options, you might want to change it up more often than that.

The removal is as easy as it is applied. You may do it right at home by yourself. You can do it via acetone soak, or you can use acetone and aluminum foil to remove it. Be very careful not to damage your natural nails in this process.

For those who have developed an allergy to liquid polymer, you may rejoice. You no longer have to suffer when you use this particular method. Cindy, a senior citizen who is one of the unfortunate ones who is allergic to it is very happy to use this method.

Join the growing community who use it. You surely will not regret giving it a try. You could easily find a discount coupon online if you plan to buy it this way.

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