7 Easy Steps For Bonded Title Application Texas

By James Stewart

If you happen to own a vehicle in TX but you cannot prove that you own it, you will be asked to prove this by getting an alternative tax. This is a surety bond that will prove that you are the owner of the vehicle. If you want to drive around the state without any complications, you should meet this requirement. Failure to do this will make you have a difficult life with your automobile. Therefore, if you cannot prove the ownership of your car, the following is a guide to bonded title application Texas can provide.

The initial step to obtaining the deed is to go to your local DMV. Ask them to provide you with all the requirements you have to meet. DMV is the department that provides people with deeds of their vehicles all over the state of TX. Hence, ensure you have visited the local branch and ask about the requirements you should meet to apply for the deed.

Once you have contacted your local DMV, you will be required to submit some documents and a fee. This is the application fee that all applicants must meet. It is submitted to the DMV office through money order, cash or check. There are several; documents that all applicants are required to submit when they are applying for this kind of deed.

The three forms that you should submit include photo identification, fact statement and a document that supports your ownership claims. This document can either be an invoice, a canceled check or a bill of sale. When you have gathered these three documents, you should submit them for you to get the surety bond. Nevertheless, the automobiles that have liens tend to have complications because there is a probability of claim at any time.

After that, you can now submit the forms and wait for them to be approved so that you can get a surety bond. However, it is important to make sure that you have submitted all the required forms. Providing documents that are not enough may only lead to delays of approval. The approval takes about one to three weeks.

Once the forms have been approved for a bonded title, you will be issued with a rejection letter that will include all information of the surety bond amount that will be needed. In case the vehicle has a lien, it may be quite difficult to get a surety bond. This is because of the likelihood of claims.

After that, you can contact your agent and buy the surety bond. You can buy this bond once the DMV has provided you with the right amount to pay. Hence, contact your agent as soon as possible and purchase the bond so that you can finish applying for the deed.

Once you have bought the bond, you should wait for thirty days before you submit it. After the thirty days, you can now submit it with the necessary documents that were listed earlier. After that, you can now wait for your county tax office to issue you with your deed.

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