6 Effective Natural Supplements For ADHD Child

By Daniel Sanders

Medication in management of Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder is losing popularity because of side effects and dependency. Experts recommend a hybrid system that combines natural supplements for ADHD child with medication. However, the alternatives should have been approved by medical experts to avoid punitive side effects. Here are readily available alternatives that you can use to make it easier for children with this condition to live a normal life.

Fish oil is easily available and recommended because it has high concentration of Omega 3. Experts recommend intake of 1000 milligrams every day. With the addition of Omega 3, brain functions are enhanced alongside reduced chances of inflammation. It is also responsible for improvement in learning. Though it does not treat the affected children, it helps to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Vitamin B complex will make ADHD easier to manage. Vitamin B has been known to promote the development of serotonin in the body. The most preferred is vitamin B6 which is excellent in the treatment of a myriad of nerve conditions. It also helps to neutralize the negative side effects of medication. For smaller children, this vitamin is a perfect option to help in development of brains. It can be found in such foods as wholegrain cereals, vegetables, soya beans and fish, among others.

Multi-mineral supplements will also enhance the health of affected children. The recommended minerals are calcium, magnesium and zinc. Health experts recommend 500 milligrams of calcium 250mg of magnesium and 5mg of zinc twice a day. Deficiency of these minerals will accelerate the condition. These minerals are crucial in relaxing the nervous system and making affected children manageable.

Hyperactivity is sometimes caused by digestion issues. This is why experts recommend between 20 and 50 billion probiotic units on daily basis. Probiotics help to correct digestion issues, leaving you with healthy intestines and a smooth working digestive system.

GABA amino acid has a calming effect. It is a supplement that is popular for management and improvement of mood alongside curing anxiety. It will also help you to stabilize blood pressure and in pain relief. With children whose self-control is not fully developed, GABA will help them wind down, relax and easily fall asleep. It can be used on a patient of any age and severity.

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most effective alternatives when dealing with attention deficiency. It works perfectly in adults and children. It helps them improve focus by calming their nerves down. This is achieved by increasing the sensitivity and response of the nervous system. This will stimulate adequate production of serotonin and dopamine. The two elements are effective in the management of ADHD.

While there are recommended natural supplements, you should also avoid some foods and habits that make ADHD worse. They include sugary and highly processed foods that have additives. Gluten and the sugar in these foods worsen the hyperactivity. Always take your breakfast and snacks in between long meal breaks. They ensure that the body have sufficient energy and is not operating on fright mode.

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