Without An Obstetrician Los Angeles Women May Have Problems During Pregnancy

By Christopher Edwards

The nine months during which a brand new life is developing inside the womb is a very special time for both the pregnant woman and her partner. It seems as if it is almost miraculous that an entirely new person will eventually be brought forth, somebody unique, somebody that will eventually become a person. Pregnancy is a time when the expectant mother needs to be careful, however. Luckily, supported by a reputable obstetrician Los Angeles women are in excellent hands.

Many people think that obstetricians and gynaecologists are just two names for the same profession. This is not the case. Obstetricians are solely concerned with pregnancy. Hey care for the mother and the unborn infant throughout the pregnancy, during the birth and immediately after the birth. Gynaecologists are more concerned with the overall health of the female reproductive organs, whether the patient is pregnant or not.

The majority of pregnant women never see obstetricians. They rely on their house doctor and when it is time for the birth, it is handled by the local GP or a midwife. In many cases the birth takes place without any assistance whatsoever. This is fine, as long as there are no problems or complications. In such cases a general practitioner simply will not be able to handle the emergency.

Obstetricians are highly qualified and they use very advanced techniques to perform numerous tests throughout the pregnancy. In this day and age they can identify defects, medical conditions, genetic deviancies and many other problems at an early stage of the pregnancy. In many cases these conditions and defects can be treated successfully before the baby is even born. Obstetricians now even perform surgery on unborn babies.

The vast majority of pregnancies proceed without incident. Some women, especially those that have a family history of difficult births, genetic deviations and other health problems during pregnancy should seriously consider consulting obstetricians when they become pregnant. It is better to be save than to be sorry later. Obstetricians that are involved from the very beginning of the pregnancy have indeed saved the lives of many mothers and babies.

It is not the job of obstetricians to look after babies for a prolonged period after birth. They will attend the birth and look after mother and child for a short period after birth, but then the case is left to a general practitioner or a gynaecologist or even a paediatrician. The role of the obstetrician is to make sure that the baby and mother are both healthy directly after birth and to deal with problems related to the birth itself.

It is not only women that are already pregnant that consult with obstetricians. Those that contemplate pregnancy and even those that struggle to become pregnant can benefit from the services offered by these professionals. Many women prefer to use a specialist that is qualified as both a gynaecologist and as obstetricians. This just makes things easier for them all round.

Pregnancy is indeed an almost miraculous time while a brand new life develops within the safety of the womb. This new life deserves every chance of becoming a unique human being. Obstetricians most certainly help to make sure that this is indeed the case.

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