Ways On How To Apply Dip Powders On Your Nails

By Jennifer Kelly

Dip powders are taking over the entire nail industry. Lots of people are learning to discover their uses for the very first time. Dip powder is a very safe alternative to gel polish and acrylics. It has no odor when being applied. It can be done in just half the time than other polishes and easier to wash and rinsed out. It leaves the nail beautiful and healthy after being removed. To apply it, simply use a powder and three sets of liquids. When it comes to dip powder starter kit, individuals can do the application by themselves at the comfort of their own homes.

Before applying the product, make sure to groom your nails first. Use a polish remover and a cuticle pusher. If there is still polish left, remove it by using non acetone products. Use the pusher to nudge the cuticles slightly back. Remove any excess cuticles that are sticking up with the scraper and trimmer. This would allow the new nail to grow and make the manicure last longer.

After the whole procedure, it is time to cure and finish the nails. Brush on activator. Apply the activator in simple strokes like a polisher. Allow it to sit for some time before applying a new stroke. Do this process to all the other fingernails as well.

File away the problematic areas. Examine all the sides of your nails for any damaged edges or loose skins. Look for lifting especially if you have undergone a manicure in the past. Use the file on such spaces and areas. If there are no more tips, trim it down to a short length. Afterwards, use the file to smoothen out the edges.

Maintain the manicure. To properly maintain it, only wash your hands with soap and water and not with sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are dehydrating and strong and will remove the protective coating. Reapply a top coat every other day to refrain it from chipping. Massage the cuticle oil every day.

Researching is the only to know more information about a certain products. There are so many products that can be applied to your nail. Therefore, researching is a must to gain ideas and insights on how to apply it. Take the time to do your research first and get testimonials from other people as well.

Budgeting is essential when purchasing a product. Make sure to spend money only manicures that are safe, easy to use and no harmful effects. Also, consider the brand of the product to make sure it is already been verified by different bureaus.

Removing dip powder is relatively easy. Sand down the topmost layer with a file. Removing the top coat is important. File each nail evenly and thoroughly. This will make the powders come off much easily and efficiently.

File the surface. Use the file to sand down the top layers. File thoroughly and evenly with the help of acetone. Use hot water. Soak your fingers into a bowl with hot water to loosen up the polish. Afterwards, use a cloth to wipe out the remaining residue.

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