Using A Lumbar Support Pillow Helps You Reap The Benefits Of Restorative Sleep

By Daniel Wallace

An achy lower back can certainly prevent anyone from remaining productive at the workplace and being entertained in front of their television sets. It can also fend off a good night's sleep due to the fact that it can leave a person wide awake all night long. If the intake of painkilling medications and sleeping pills is not regarded as an option, the use of a lumbar support pillow is highly suggested. This product can assist in the attainment of restorative sleep known to come with all kinds of benefits. It goes without saying that its utilization can fend off insomnia's unfavorable effects, some of the most noteworthy ones are discussed below.

Hypertension. Lack of sleep, according to health authorities, can cause high blood pressure or hypertension. It is something that's considered as a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. This is true most especially for individuals whose eating habits and lifestyle are unhealthy, and have relatives with heart disease.

Increased sugar in the bloodstream. According to studies, lack of sleep every night can cause an increase in blood sugar. That is something that's regarded as a primary diabetes risk factor. Being a chronic disease, you have no choice but to deal with diabetes for as long as you are breathing the moment that it comes your way.

Body wide inflammation. One more very serious issue that can result from lack of sleep is systemic inflammation. This condition can in fact exacerbate pain that is being experienced in the lower part of the spinal column. Other joints in the body may also start to feel achy as a result of inflammation that's not put under control.

Weight gain. Believe it or not, lack of sleep can cause you to gain excess pounds. It has something to do with hormonal imbalance that can result from insomnia. In addition, sleeplessness can also leave you feeling extremely hungry the whole day. Some of the most appetizing foods and drinks for a person who didn't get enough sleep the night before are those that are packed with refined sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fat.

Chronic kind of stress. You can choose from a wide variety of stress relieving pursuits. One of the most effective of the bunch is spending some time in dreamland. Getting a good night's sleep makes it possible for your brain to obtain the rest that it necessitates. It also gives your body the time to repair itself.

Memory loss. It's not just the physical health that can be affected by insomnia, but also one's cognitive functioning. Failure to obtain a good night's sleep can prevent the brain from storing and recalling details without trouble. Lack of sleep can also hamper a person's ability to learn and concentrate.

Anxiety or depression. Mental health professionals confirm that millions across the planet are afflicted with anxiety and depression. These disorders of the mind can rob anyone of the opportunity to enjoy a trouble free day. If severe, paying a psychiatrist or therapist a visit is warranted in order to fend off various complications.

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