Tips On Laser Hair Removal Troy MI

By Rebecca King

Laser hair removal refers to a procedure in which there is use of concentrated light beams for removal of unwanted hairs. During the procedure, there is emission of light from a laser. The light will be absorbed by melanin which is within hairs. The light is usually converted into heat that damages the tube-shaped sacs that are within skin. It is the follicles that produce hairs. When it comes to laser hair removal Troy MI residents need to know what the procedure involves.

While removing hairs using lasers will delay growth for a long time, it does not mean there will be permanent removal of hairs. You will need to go for multiple treatments for the initial removal, as well as maintenance treatments after that. The commonly treated areas include upper lips, armpits, legs and bikini line. As a matter of fact, all areas can be treated except the eyelids and surrounding areas.

The type of skin and color of hairs will affect the level of success of treatment. That is because pigment of hairs and not skin pigments absorbs light beams. The skin should not be damaged by the lasers as they damage the hairs. That means that the contrast that is there between skin color and hair color contributes to success of treatment. The risk of damage to skin will be increased when the contrast is limited. Laser removal of hairs is not as effective for hairs that cannot absorb light properly.

There are certain possible complications and risks of the procedure that one should beware of. The side effects will depend on the skin type, color of hairs and selected treatment plan. Irritation of skin is an example of side effect. That is whereby there will be redness, swelling and discomfort. The effects tend to go away after a couple of days. There is also possibility of pigment change in which skin becomes lighter or darker.

If you have interest in the procedure, you will need to select a professional who has certification. You should work with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. They should have relevant experience with the procedure. Before the procedure, you need to schedule consultation with your doctor. That will help in knowing whether the treatment is best for you.

There are instructions on how you need to be prepared for the treatment. To begin with, you will be asked to stay away from sunshine for 6 weeks before treatment. Also, you will be asked to avoid use of sunless creams that could make the skin dark. The use of removal methods like electrolysis and waxing should also be avoided. On the day before treatment, trimming and shaving is advisable for the best results.

The procedure requires series of treatments, up to 6. Interval between treatments varies depending on the area that is being treated. During the procedure, you are required to wear goggles for protection of the eyes from beams of laser. Topical anesthetic might be applied to minimize discomfort.

After treatment is done, hairs will not fall off immediately. They will be shed over some days or weeks. Repeat sessions are needed because hair growths and loss happens in a cycle. Laser treatments work best with hairs which are in the new-growth cycle.

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