The Dilemmas Of A Track And Field Athlete Experienced

By Brenda Olson

Sports give some relevance to the lives of humans. For those who cannot compete, it became their hobby to watch some games and make them entertained. For those who are aspiring athlete, it serves as their goal, their dream and their career in which they will live on. As you observed, the population of individuals who love sports still grows. You could observe it whenever there are tournaments and many people are attending to watch. Even fans tend to become noisy in social media sites to support their team or favorite athlete. Anyhow, do you aspire to become an athlete as well in greater Buffalo area indoor track and field?

Like mentioned above, most individuals have seen football, baseball, and other popular sports worldwide. They might argue about Ronaldo versus Messi. Or perhaps create their own fan chants. Nevertheless, most of their favorites are usually the well-known ones. Because it became overrated, some individuals might disregard the others like the track and field.

Have you heard about Usain Bolt? The one who was dubbed as the fastest human alive? Perhaps outside from America, other people will just tilt their head in confusion because they have no idea who was that. Furthermore, everyone knows that this guy is pretty iconic in this sport. Perhaps others might be shocked when they figure that Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, was an athlete and an Olympian as well in that sport.

This certainly is the dilemma of most athletes in this sport. Track and field kept on losing its popularity as time passed by. Others will blame the governance. Others might find it boring and losing its essence. And it really became overlooked by the audience because more sports are growing. Aside from that, athletes also face some struggles on their track careers.

If not because of Olympics, this sport will not receive some attention. Unfortunately, that is the only the time where most people became interested at their games. And Olympics do not happen every year. Its fandom is not as big as from footballs and other sports.

Some even thing tracks only happen on Olympics. Aside from that, their fan base is their concern. Its population is really not that large unlike other sports. So at regular meets, most of the audiences are just the people who are very close with the athletes who watch to support a son, friend or lover.

They might become less motivated to run into their career. No pun intended there. Nevertheless, many individuals also think that track and field is just about running. But no, it actually involves throwing and jumping as well then competes who is the fastest, highest or farthest.

Its rules and regulations are easy to understand. Furthermore, it really can be entertaining to watch it as well. In addition, one must not disregard its history for this is actually one of the oldest sports and was created by the Ancient Greeks. No wonder that this is also an important event in Olympics.

They might be a runner who enjoys running which seems like punishment for others. They might be a thrower who is pretty confident or jumpers. These athletes play one sport and truly enjoy it.

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