The Application Of Specified Maneuvers For Fetal Orientation

By Nancy Watson

During gestation, pregnant moms should undergo various examinations to check the overall state or form of a fetus. The need to assist them is a requirement which surely demands courses of action and correct supervision. It is necessary to follow correct procedures so that their expectations are met and objectives are set. One common process that they go through is the Leopold maneuver.

The four specific maneuvers are processed to know the lie and presentation of the forming fetus. This is essential for moms who are pregnant to also ensure that there will be no conflict later on. This has to be performed accurately and in order to avoid overly done actions that might harm the fetal condition.

Nurses are the skilled ones who can do this procedure. Being painstaking with doing the processes along with assessing the shape of female pelvis is highly needed to examine if there will be potential complications. Since their task mainly involves palpation of the uterus, they are trained well and able to identify the objectives presented in the involved processes.

For a productive palpation, the bladder must be emptied. Patients have to be in a reclining position with knees slightly flexed. And for them to be more comfortable, a small pillow can be placed as well right under the head. The nurse must be able to explain the whole processes for these to work out.

The first process consists of palpating the fundus surface, which is to determine the mobility, shape, and consistency of fetus. This stage also identifies which part of it is in the fundus. It is expected in this portion to feel a softer breech and the hard and round fetal head that moves independently of trunk.

Once there is already an assessment regarding the fetal form, the back position should be determined. Deep yet gentle pressure must be applied on each side of the abdomen. This part must be palpated gently on a circular motion using the right hand. The nurse must feel the smooth and firm fetal back.

To determine what part of fetal head is lying above the inlet, fingers and thumb should grasp the lower portion of abdomen. This part allows a clinician to feel if the presenting part is engaged or not. Findings during the first action must be validated within this process. Fetal descent must be determined in the last action through pressing fingers in both sides of uterus. Also, the best place to hear the heart tone is also identified in this stage.

Learning the main objectives of procedures can help women get educated with regards to its rationales. The topmost concern when in gestation period is the availability of clinicians for it can be difficult or dangerous to go visit far clinics and hospitals. Looking around is an extra effort to exert. This can be aided by the use of recommendations. Be certain with getting the ones that are reliable so that situations and conditions are settled.

Gestation is the hardest stage that a woman may experience. Making sure that the position is identified is the most significant procedure in the whole duration of carrying a baby. Nothing can ever fulfill the sense of completeness though once it is born without abnormalities and impairments. This is how important for women to undergo the requirement of following the method of this kind of clinical assessment.

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