Teas For Effective Osteoarthritis Pain Management Carm Health Practitioners Suggest

By Linda Ellis

Osteoarthritis is characterized by long term joint inflammation. Despite what many think, older adults are not the only ones that can suffer from it. For managing the disease, there are various OTC as well as prescription painkillers available. Unfortunately, they're notorious for unfavorable side effects and dangerous health risks, too. The good news is there are all kinds of natural substitutes for painkillers that osteoarthritis sufferers may give a try. Read on to come across some really effective teas for pain management Carm health professionals are suggesting.

Ginger tea. Leading the list of herbal beverages for reducing aching and swelling brought about by osteoarthritis is ginger tea. That's because every cup of it is flooded with anti inflammatory compounds. Actually, this is a well known home remedy for a number of problems related to the digestive system. Aside from osteoarthritis, it's also good for indigestion, acid reflux, abdominal cramping, excess gas and diarrhea.

Turmeric tea. Because this very popular Asian and Middle Eastern culinary spice is related to ginger, it doesn't come as a surprise why turmeric is also highly recommended for easing the symptoms of osteoarthritis. More often than not, it is brewed into tea. However, traditional healers from across the planet also usually administer it directly on the affected joints for faster relief.

Rose hip tea. Primarily, this herbal beverage is admired for its ability to strengthen a person's immune system. That's because it's packed with vitamin C. It's due to this why a cup of the herb is commonly given to someone who always suffers from an infection. Since rose hip also has anti inflammatory properties, tea form of it is commonly recommended for osteoarthritis sufferers.

Willow bark. Traditional healers recommend the use of willow bark for the management of various pains and aches. It is commonly turned into tea and given to individuals who complain about joints that exhibit the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Willow bark is an excellent reliever of joint issues since it's known to put inflammation under control.

Stinging nettle tea. Despite of the name, stinging nettle is actually a superb reliever of achy joints. This is why taking in as tea is highly suggested for osteoarthritis sufferers. Stinging nettle, by the way, is also employed for dealing with high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar. Further, it is usually given to men with enlarged prostate glands.

Hibiscus herbal tea. It cannot be denied that hibiscus is one of the most attention grabbing flowers across the globe. Likewise, there's no denying that making it into a beverage comes with an assortment of health perks. A serving of it is proven to help reduce the blood pressure, fend off cancer and boost liver health. According to traditional healers, it's also very good at relieving the various symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Green tea. Everyone knows that green tea is an excellent stress reliving beverage. Not a lot of people are aware that it's also fantastic for reducing aching and swelling of the joints. Its antioxidants are capable of fighting off inflammation, and that's why a serving of it works just like a painkilling tablet.

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