Take Green Tea For Accelerated Weight Loss Marietta GA Fitness Authorities Suggest

By Robert Campbell

These days, there are tons of supplements being sold on the market that guarantee to promote slimming down. Not all of them, unfortunately, can actually deliver. What's more, so many of these commodities have chemicals that are known to cause adverse side effects and also put a person's health in peril. For a risk free weight loss Marietta GA fitness professionals suggest the daily consumption of freshly brewed green tea.

It cannot be denied that one of the most revered beverages across the globe is green tea. It's something that obese or overweight individuals should love as well due to the fact that it can help in making excess kilos go away. Reasons why this healthy drink can cause the waistline to shrink are varied.

Such kind of tea contains a little caffeine that can stimulate your nervous system. This can cause your metabolism to run at a much faster rate. That's a good thing because your body becomes a calorie burning machine. A slow metabolic rate is something blamed by those who cannot slim down quickly. By having your metabolism accelerated with the help of caffeine, calories are used as fuel rather than stored as fat.

It's not just caffeine that makes this well loved drink very good at encouraging weight loss. There's another compound in it called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. If truth be told, it is an antioxidant. This is the reason why EGCG is known to offer an assortment of amazing health perks, from reduced risk of deadly cancer to controlled chronic inflammation.

Fitness experts say that EGCG has fantastic weight loss properties, too. It works because it inhibits the production of an enzyme that delays the breaking down of fat cells. Needless to say, EGCG is a fat burning antioxidant. It's exactly for this reason why a lot of fat burning capsules and pills being sold on the current market contain green tea extract. Their manufacturers are well aware of the fact that EGCG is very good at zapping fat molecules.

Many people believe that the excessive consumption of food and failure to exercise on a regular basis are the only ones to blame for a gigantic waistline. The truth is many other things can be held responsible for it, too. Leading a stressful life is one of those. Such is due to the fact that elevated levels of stress hormones can cause fat accumulation as a result of the body's attempt to safeguard its vital organs. The exact opposite, unfortunately, is what happens.

Green tea has stress reducing properties, too. This is the reason why its intake can actually help someone who is stressed to become slimmer. By reducing the levels of the stress hormones, the accumulation of unnecessary fat molecules can be kept at bay.

According to fitness professionals, consuming 3 to 5 cups of this healthy tea a day is recommended. A person who's sensitive to the effects of caffeine may need to drink fewer cups or weaker blends. Certainly, it's a must for the intake of the beverage to be paired with proper eating habits and regular exercise.

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