Sporting Black Pride Fashionably With Sisterlocks

By Joseph Olson

The natural hair movement is spreading like wildfire through the world. Many sisters around the world are ditching perms and weaves in favor of their natural tresses. Sisterlocks have been selected as the style of choice for many women around the world who have decided to go natural. This widespread embracing of the Afro-textured hair is part of a broader move to celebrate individual and ethnic diversity and identities.

Stylists create traditional locks in their clients' hair by rolling strands of hair together between the palm of their hands. Traditional locks more closely resemble the locks worn by members of the Rastafarian faith for centuries.For these tiny locks though, the process is different and results in tinier locks. The stylist uses a smaller portion of hair for each lock and weaves an intricate pattern using a locking tool.

Needless to say, the style takes a lot of time to complete. Installation sessions can rage anywhere from twenty four hours to a couple of days depending on the thickness and length of the hair being styled. For installations that require more than a day for completion, stylists often break the job into parts necessitating several trips to the salon. Of course, the results are worth the time an effort spent.

The hairstyle is sported by both genders even though it is more popular among females. The male version of the style is called brotherlocks and tends to feature locks that are a little bigger in size than the female option. Women in particular, gravitate towards the style because it means fewer trips to the salon to get styling treatments such as perms and maintenance sessions.

These tiny locked ropes of hair are fashionable and appealing due to their versatility. They can be styled easily without the need for the use of common styling tools such as a comb or a flat iron. They are swept into elegant up-dos or side-sweeps for fancy formal events such as weddings. They are tied into intricate buns for professional events or even casual scenes. Tutorials for the creation of these styles are available online so wearers can fix their hair without a trip to the stylist.

Color is another tool used to add versatility to this hairstyle, allowing the wearers to express their own individual tastes and fashion visions. Locks can be colored at the ends, throughout the full length of the strands or just in sections creating a pattern that makes the wearer stand out among others. Some wearers opt for a combination of colors.

The introduction of the hairstyle a few years ago triggered a high demand. Many stylists therefore reached out for training in the art of installing the locks. This is why the service is available in salons all around the world today.

A lock installation has grown into more than just a fashion trend. It is a unique expression of confidence in the African ethnicity and a flexible way to wear Afro-textured hair combined. It is this winning combination that makes it a hairstyle that is likely to remain in high demand for the future.

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