Skin Tightening Portland Dermatologists Perform That Does Not Use A Scalpel

By Kathleen Allen

Currently, having cosmetic surgery isn't the only option for dealing wrinkles all over the face. There are various other dermatological procedures that can also causing tightness without the steep price tag and health risks associated with lying on an operating table. Skin tightening Portland dermatologists provide that does not involve scalpel use appeals to females who worry not only about their physical appearance, but also well being and savings.

A visit to the nearest medical spa allows a woman to come across her various options. Because there are different choices around, it's for certain that there is a cosmetic procedure that can help her attain her ultimate goal. In deciding which one she should go for, certain factors have to be taken into account. The severity of the wrinkles is the most important of them all. Also something that needs to be considered is the available budget.

One of the most popular non surgical ways to tighten the skin and get rid of wrinkles is what's referred to as micro needling. Just like what the name says, it involves piercing the skin with lots of tiny needles. Dermatologists say that micro needling works because it encourages the production of more collagen.

It goes without saying that micro needling is a semi invasive dermatological treatment. More often than not, it is paired with the application of substances as it assists in the proper absorption of the active ingredients. Aside from stepping foot inside a medical spa, micro needling may also be carried out at home with the use of a personalized micro needling tool that one can easily buy online as well as offline.

Worry not if the thought of tiny needles poking your face leaves you feeling anxious. That's because you may simply opt for laser that's known to provide impressive results, too. Just like micro needling, laser treatment is also capable of promoting the synthesis of more collagen. It's also admired for its ability to repair damaged skin tissue by means of accelerated cellular replication.

Another cosmetic treatment that works like laser is in existence. Rather than concentrated pulses of light, it employs high frequency sound waves that cannot be perceived by the human ear. It's called ultrasound treatment, and it works by penetrating the skin and causing improved collagen synthesis. Actually, this particular facial procedure utilizes the very same technology involved in obtaining visuals of internal tissues and organs of the human body.

Radio frequency facial is another way to eliminate those wrinkles without any scalpel use. Sometimes called RF treatment, it entails the use of radio waves to encourage the generation of collagen. More often than not, it's ideal for females who like to reduce the visibility of fine lines.

Clearly, having cosmetic surgery is not the only option for those who like to get rid of their wrinkles. There are so many other solutions around that do not require the use of a scalpel. Needless to say, they are way more affordable than undergoing the knife. More importantly, they can provide results minus the serious health risks.

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