Selecting An Adolescent Therapy San Rafael Specialist

By Jessica Hill

A lot of things must be considered when making some decisions regarding your children. When the kids get to the adolescent stage, some of their behaviors are not right and you will be forced to use therapy to address the issues. There are certain things you should consider when finding a counselor who is suitable to handle your teenager. Keep the following things in mind when selecting an adolescent therapy San Rafael specialist.

The first thing to consider is using referrals. Asking around from people with experiences like other parents with teenagers can help a lot. If they took their kids to the therapist before you and were happy with the outcome, you can get the names of the people they used. However, the needs of your kids must be the same. Get referrals from a local school since they are always dealing with adolescent issues and they have the experts they use.

The next factor you should consider is the personality. Teenage therapy must be conducted by someone who is friendly to teenagers and one who understands what they are going through. A teenager will easily trust someone with a personality they like and this leads to opening up, which contributes positively to the progress of the therapy. If the two fail to connect in the first few sessions, consider another expert.

The way issues teenagers experience are very different from those of kids or adults. It means a different approach must be used to deal with their problem. A normal counselor is not an option. Find out the clients the person deals with and how long he or she has been doing that before making a decision. You will be lucky to find an expert who has worked in a teenage school because they have enough experience. Stay away from novices during your search.

Also, availability of the expert is very important. During the initial meeting with the therapist, you need to know their schedule and in case they are very busy for your kid, you might want to look somewhere else. Teenagers have different needs and each of them requires a certain level of attention. If you want your kid to have weekly sessions, the psychologist must have a schedule that is flexible enough to allow enough time for your kid to get the attention he or she needs.

Again, do your researches on teenage counseling so that you can understand the methods of counseling that apply on different kids. With this knowledge, inquire about the techniques used by the prospective therapist with the needs of your kid in mind. The answer to your questions will determine the person you opt for. Remember to choose people who are up to date with the latest techniques by asking about how often they take part in conferences and training.

Legal compliance is critical too. A license acts as proof that the potential candidate has the education, training, and experience needed to provide the right counseling to your teen kid. Be wary of those people who are not licensed since insurance companies do not recognize them plus you cannot be guaranteed of quality services.

Lastly, the professionals working alongside the psychologist will determine the quality of care. These people share opinions when it comes to therapy hence being updated with the latest approaches. Psychometric assessments will be done by a different therapist from the one whom you hired hence reducing anxiety.

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