Reputable Dentist Gilbert In AZ Spells Out The Risks Of Mouth Breathing

By Michelle Cook

From time to time, you may find it inevitable to breathe through your mouth. It could be that you are nursing a bad cold or even a serious sinus infection. What you must understand is that it is unhealthy to turn into a habitual mouth breather because this can have a nasty effect on your oral health. If you are finding it challenging to properly breathe through your nose, it is important for you to consult with a dentist Gilbert in AZ.

There are facts you ought to know about mouth breathing. To begin with, this practice leads to dry mouth and this is a serious concern that can cause devastating tooth decay. What happens is that the air dries the saliva and other symptoms you may suffer from include chewing difficulties, bad breath and swallowing problems. Such issues ultimately put a patient at greater risk of suffering from gum disease.

If your child has chronic nasal obstruction, this can cause chronic mouth breathing. It remains crucial for you to find out how the nasal destruction can be addressed. Bear in mind that mouth breathing in children can cause facial deformities that can be even more challenging and expensive to correct. What happens is that the face of a kid who primarily breathes through the mouth may form into a narrow and long shape. The nose also gets flattened and teeth develop with an overbite.

You should be on the lookout for warning signs that indicate that your little one is a habitual mouth breather. The first and most obvious sign is bad breath. You may also notice crowded teeth, chapped lips and throat infections that keep recurring. You must first talk to your pediatric doctor about this and the specialist could refer you to a dentist that can help in combating the effects of mouth breathing.

Unfortunately, breathing through the mouth can also cause lower levels of oxygen in the blood. This is because the mouth does not supply oxygen to the blood as effectively as the nose does. Low oxygen in the blood would on the other hand cause fuzzy thinking, dizziness, poor concentration, erratic sleep patterns and even more intricate concerns like sleep apnea.

It is best to know the right steps to take from the moment you find out that your loved one is a habitual mouth breather. To begin with, you should meet with your dentist for consultation. A qualified and seasoned specialist can run tests to discover the root cause of the concern. If this is caused by nasal obstructions, one can get scheduled for an operation.

Among the top causes of nasal obstructions are polyps and deviated septums. Then again, patients experience congestion because of concerns like cancer, sinus infections, over-dependence on nasal sprays and allergies. Your dentist can provide invaluable help, irrespective of what is causing your problem.

It will be essential for patients to seek treatment for dry mouth. In this case, you should take plenty of water and avoid alcoholic drinks as well as coffee and soda. You can also get special chewing gums and rinses that can additionally help in combating dry mouth. If breathing through the mouth has left you suffering from sleep apnea, you must also get this addressed.

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