Planning A Healthy Diet- Things To Do

By Bradd Alan

Looking for a diet that shall help you to deal with bad bowel movements is not only going to keep you healthy but ensure relaxing the bowel movements. One can get rid of bad bowel movements, simply by following a natural treatment plan, combined with supplements and certain diet changes.

People that deal with such problems is often found to be at an age of 20-30 years of age and it is most often found in men as compared to women. These problems can be mentioned in a lot of terms, it includes spastic colon, mucous colitis, diarrhoea, nervous colon and dysfunctional bowel. Bad bowel problems do not represent a symptom of bad psychological problem.

You must keep in mind that the brat diet was exclusively planned as a diet to deal with upset stomach and not as a weight loss program. BRAT diet is a short form for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. There are other versions of BRAT diet that include BRATT or BRATTY diet, where BRATT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast and tea and BRATTY stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, tea and yogurt. Consuming these foods is recommended for individuals that are dealing with gastrointestinal problems, as it prevents in increasing it and in some case also cure the problem too.

You will also need to change your eating habit as well; this is a step by step process that you will need to follow. It is very often found that people look to change their diet instantly the next day and very often fail to do so. Changing to a healthy diet simply means that you will have to make small and certain changes that do not significantly differ from one another but alters a little.

It helps the body to soften down the faeces for smoother bowel movements. Soluble fibre present in foods that like legumes, oats, berries, etc. can help diarrhoea by decreasing the speed of food passage from the stomach to the intestine and by giving it a stool form. However foods including carbonated drink, beverages, raw fruits and cruciferous vegetables might trigger bloating and lead to gas as well.

For the patients dealing with gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhoea the BRAT diet is recommended, this increases the fluid intake and is effective irrespective of your age. You can also look for oral consumption for rehydration along with extra fluids to prevent dehydration which includes diarrhoea.

While consuming fruits it is recommended that you skinned them and cut slices of them, which with vegetables it is recommended to be steamed. You can even try steaming the fruits if you wish; it can be a great experiment. You must always look to avoid fruit juices to be consumed with empty spaces, juices from different sources are recommended and cranberry juice is a safe option. Also, make sure the fruit juices are freshly prepared and no sugar is added in it.

Eating what is right is not the only concern when you want to get rid of your bad bowel problem. You have to understand what leads to it in the first place; you must remember that eating the right food is not the only thing that is essential here. You have to make sure that the food you consume is in the right combination. This shall help the body to understand how it needs to function to digest the food and work accordingly.

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