Non Invasive Wrinkle Reduction Portland Residents May Give A Try

By Carolyn Campbell

For a lot of beauty conscious females who wish to eliminate some premature skin aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles, cosmetic surgery isn't an option. It's a good thing that they don't really have to keep on using costly anti aging serums that are incapable of providing noticeable results. That's because there's a non surgical wrinkle reduction Portland skin clinics offer nowadays. It is a beauty treatment that involves laser use, which is the very same innovation employed for permanently reducing the amount of unwanted body and facial hair.

There is no need for women to be intimidated by the said treatment just because it involves laser. The beams of light employed are actually regulated to very safe levels. In fact, before the procedure is carried out the application of a numbing cream or cooling gel is not really necessary. Needless to say, it's perfect for women who refuse to pay for cosmetic procedures that can leave them screaming in pain.

Laser helps in tightening your skin and that's why it can promote a reduction in wrinkles. Such is attained by boosting your very own body's collagen synthesis. A type of protein used for structural reasons, collagen is the one that makes your skin firm. Yes, it's true that your body is capable of manufacturing collagen. Sadly, there are some things that can cause a considerable reduction in collagen production.

The process of aging is one such factor. It's for the same reason why older females are bugged by saggy and wrinkly skin. However, refrain from assuming that you won't end up with wrinkles just because you cannot be considered as an elderly.

According to skin care specialists, being exposed to the sun excessively can cause unnecessary collagen destruction, too. This results in what's referred to as premature aging of the skin. In order to avoid sun damage, it is very important for a woman to regularly apply high quality sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF of 30 or greater.

There are some other things, too, that can cause unnecessary collagen destruction that can pave the way for the appearance of wrinkles as well other premature signs of aging. Having a stressful life is one of them. Another example is cigarette smoking. According to dermatologists, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can also speed up aging of one's skin. In other words, the secret to staying young looking is living a healthy life.

Laser can also be employed for managing so many other cosmetic nightmares aside from wrinkles. Skin care experts say that it's great for erasing freckles and liver spots. It goes without saying that it's ideal for females who suffer from pigmentation issues. It's also said that laser can help keep at bay zits, blackheads and whiteheads by having the size of gigantic pores reduced.

A very common cosmetic problem that laser can also treat effectively is acne. Especially after completing the recommended number of treatments, a female may enjoy superb results. Those who wish to eliminate their permanent scars may undergo laser treatment as well. Various scar types can be managed by means of this approach, such as the kinds that are caused by acne, injuries and medical procedures.

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