Laser Therapy For Ankle Sprain Is The Key

By Carolyn Russell

There's nothing more unfortunate than having an injury that lessens the mobility of an individual. Even though many times ankle pain can be considered a sports injury, it is one that is most commonly found among injuries. This injury can sometimes occur due to a sudden twist of the ankle. Laser therapy for ankle sprain may be the key to getting things back to normal.

Sometimes the pain can be so great, that it often appears that it is coming from the outside of the ankle itself, when in actuality it is coming from the joint of the bone. When cases are mild in nature, swelling or bruising is not always evident. However, the pain is real and comes from ligaments being compressed along with surrounding tissue. Symptoms can go from being very mild to extremely severe. Mild sprains mean that a person can function and resume their activity throughout the day. More severe injuries sometimes suggest that a visit to the hospital is needed.

The severity of this kind of sprain can oftentimes be put on a grading system. Those that have mild pain, a little stiffness, and maybe a little problem when it comes to walking, can still participate in activities. Minor tearing may have occurred with ligaments which resulted in mild swelling of the area. This is known as grade 1.

Grade 2 however produces great difficulty in walking with evidence of severe pain. Most athletes with this grade are unable to play. There may be minor bruising, stiffness, and some swelling. Moderate tearing has usually occurred and the joint is very unstable. When an individual has a complete rupture of a ligament, severe pain is usually felt with great symptoms of bruising and swelling. There will be a great instability of the joint. This is known as grade 3.

Not only does damage occur in the ligament, it also occurs in the cartilage, joint capsule, tendons, and other surrounding tissues. A complete rupture of ligaments within a sprain can cause dislocation as well as a fracture within the bone.

When a ligament starts to rip away, it sometimes takes a small piece of bone with it. This injury usually goes unnoticed for a while before it is discovered. There may even be an onset of osteochondral lesions when part of the talus bone has been torn.

Laser therapy is important because it helps to increase the lymphatic flow which reduces swelling. Increased blood flow helps to move nutrients to certain tissue areas in order for repair and removal of damaged tissue. It also is great in increasing production of endorphins.

One great thing about this treatment is that it helps the body speed up its natural healing process. This is important because the quicker the body repairs itself, the quicker one can start the rehabilitation process. Pain is often reduced due to the production of prostaglandin. Sprains that are categorized as mild can sometimes show improvement after 4-5 visits.

Laser therapy is a great asset to the process of healing and has been known to be used by athletes all over the world. Athletes that may suffer from these sprains can take comfort in knowing that there is help for their minor or severe ankle injury.

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