Important Things To Remember After Receiving Juvederm Injection Maple Grove MN Skin Clinics Offer

By David Wallace

After getting a dermatological procedure, it's very important for you to follow the aftercare tips provided by the practitioner. Such is necessary in order to speed up recovery, minimize the side effects, and more importantly fend off possible complications. If you are planning on receiving juvederm injection Maple Grove MN skin clinics are offering, keep on reading. Below you will come across some of the most important things you need to remember after being injected with fillers.

Hide from the sun. Getting unnecessary sun exposure is bad for you whether or not you just had filler injections. The site may look inflamed once the procedure is over, and this is a perfectly normal side effect. Things can worsen if you stay under the scorching sun. If it's not possible for you to remain under the shade or inside your home, remember to apply sunscreen that possesses an SPF of 30 or even higher. You may also opt for powdered sunscreen if you are having a hard time applying the usual lotion or cream kind on your face.

Avoid other sources of heat. Aside from the sun, any other thing that can expose you to too much heat should be dodged as well. Certainly, you should refrain from stepping foot inside a sauna and dipping in a hot tub. Getting your unwelcome facial hair waxed is also contraindicated.

Use an ice pack. There's no need to panic if the swelling is accompanied by some discomfort. In order to attain relief from such, you simply have to grab an ice pack and gently place it on the affected areas. Remember to avoid putting ice cubes directly on your skin as it can cause skin tissue damage. Aside from the use of an ice pack, you may also pop your trusted OTC painkiller in your mouth.

Avoid scratching at all costs. You may also encounter some itchiness, but that's something to expect. Make sure that you resist every urge to scratch to fend off any complication. In order to put an end to the itchiness, splash your face with cold water. You may also use a cotton ball that's soaked in cold water.

Momentarily quit exercising. Working out should be avoided while there's still some inflammation. Such is important in order to facilitate the healing process that exercising can actually delay. Worry not because it won't take long before the inflammation goes away, thus allowing you to resume your regular work out regiment.

Refrain from consuming alcohol. Another very important aftercare tip you should bear in mind after getting your fillers is saying no to any alcoholic beverage. That's because alcohol can exacerbate swelling as well as bruising, which is a common side effect of the treatment. On the other hand, make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day to help speed up the healing process.

Getting fillers is regarded as a generally safe beauty treatment. This means that scary complications rarely show up. Just in case the side effects you have seem to worsen, make sure that you contact your dermatologist without any delay.

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