Important Aspects On Smart Lipo Scarsdale Patients Should Know

By Gary Wagner

There has been a surge in the demand for cosmetic procedures in recent times. Clients are demanding for procedures that have as few complications as possible yet produce the best possible outcomes. Smart lipo is a modification of liposuction and its use has been readily embraced. Of they have plans of having smart lipo Scarsdale patients should know a number of things on the procedure beforehand.

The indications for smartlipo and traditional liposuction are similar. One of the commonest reasons as to why clients would want to undergo the surgery is the need to get rid of excessive fat that fails to respond to conventional methods of weight loss; dieting and physical exercise. The procedure is also used in helping reverse some of the effects of aging.

The main improvement brought about by this procedure is the fact that it is now minimally invasive. The doctor will typically insert a probe below the skin so as to direct the laser fibre to the area of interest. The laser generates energy that is used to break down fat cells. The fat obtained is drained from the site without any effect on the surrounding tissues. The entire procedure takes about one hour, on average.

The precision of the technique allows for the use of local anethesia rather than general and regional anesthesia that are usually needed for the traditional type of liposuction. The two types of anesthesia are associated with a higher risk of complications when compared to local a anesthesia. Other benefits include less scaring, less pain and less bleeding.

Although it is considered fairly safe, this procedure is associated with a number of complications just as is the case with any type of surgical procedure. One of the possible complications is bleeding. The blood may pool under the skin long after the surgery leading to what is known as a hematoma. Other complications may include infections and scarring. It is important, however, to emphasize that the risk of these complications is very low.

In general, the time that is needed for recovery is shorter than what is needed when one undergoes the traditional form of the procedure. Patients should expect the experience some discomfort during the first few days. There may also be swelling and bruising which get better with time. Strenuous physical activities should be avoided and the diet should be of low sodium content.

Smart lipo is preferred format reduction on the face. One of the most popular uses in this area is the redefinition of sagging skin. The results can be seen immediately after the procedure with incremental improvements being experienced in subsequent weeks and months. There may be a need to put on compression garments in the area that has been operated on for a few days to ensure that the new body shape is not lost.

Potential candidates for this procedure need to have a weight that does not exceed 30 pounds. The weight is required to have been stable for not less than a year. Smokers are advised to abstain for a few weeks to prevent interference with the healing process. Blood thinners increase the rate of bleeding and should also be discontinued momentarily.

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