Hyperpigmentation And Means Of Treating Them

By George Mitchell

Skins are prone to many damages that is caused by lots of factors. One of which is hyperpigmentation or the darkening of some areas and parts of skin because of too much melanin. Melanin basically is the pigmentation that gives color to human eyes, hair and skin. Apparently, people that are dark skinned has more melanin than those who have light tone skins. To lighten this damages there are treatments that are made popular and also hyperpigmentation correction cream are invented to conceal and heal the most damaged areas.

The external parts of the skin is basically made up of melanin that is why it has visible colors in it. This is the protection of entire body from the sunlight that exposes hazardous UV rays. When a person is exposed to too much sunlight in quite a longer time, the melanocytes would bring signal to the melanin to reproduce in order to create more layers of protection. However, as a disadvantage discoloration and skin that are not even in color would occur.

Apart from tan areas that are not even, it may also cause other long term damages on the longer run. This could start with just little patches that seems harmless. But, when these are not given enough attention it could lead to bigger sun spots and many freckles.

Sun is not just the only factor that causes such inconvenience to skin areas but even acne and burns may lead to hyperpigmentation as time pass by. Hormonal fluctuation has the same side effects which is causing dark spots. Though, this one could be pretty fatal to skin because it is often accompanied with melasma, a severe gray and brown patches on face.

There are many possible ways of trying to hide and permanently healing this. Others use make ups to cover those uneven spots but only temporarily. Unlike when treatments are done, there is big possibility to have the healthy skin once more. These treatments has different methods and classification according to the effectiveness of which.

The first one is tropical suppressants. This is a treatment that uses a component called kojic acid to control the melanocytes from triggering melanin production. These are recommended with light therapies along with laser.

Another is chemical peels, this stimulates creation of newer skin cells that are healthier. The process would include stripping of outer layers removing the dead cells of skins. There is also is Microdermabrasion that works somewhat the same with the peels. This exfoliates the outer parts with a subtle spray of crystals.

The next one is bit complicated and uses more science than the previous mentioned. Intense pulse light therapy is using wavelength that is basically from light that allows to fix the unevenness. There is going to be six treatments to completely heal damage including redness.

The last one is called laser resurfacing which still use light but through a laser beam. It vaporizes top parts till it penetrates on internal layers fixing the problem there. It would also help when person makes it a form of habit to use sunscreens when going out.

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