How To Correct Facial Defect Using Modern Medical Procedures

By Angela Parker

The personality of a person is often reflected in his face. This is a very important facet of the human head. Unfortunately, this can be deformed as a result of accidents, diseases, or a congenital defect. This disfigurement can affect the morale of a person and some even go into depression. But this should not discourage those who suffer from it as there is a way to fix it with oral surgeon San Gabriel.

The head contains sensitive parts which are essential to human activity. It certainly is home to the hearing, sight, smell, and taste organs. These are four essential senses that are contained in a single body part which is the head. The oral organ is significant as it the entry point of nourishment. There is no way a person can survive without a mouth.

Another extremely important part is the tongue which is the medium that contains the taste buds that allows a man to distinguish the various flavors and provides the innate pleasure of enjoying the food. It is also a major factor in human speech as it makes possible the utterance of words through articulation. The human speech would not have been possible without the tongue.

One cannot give a kiss without lips. This action is an expression of a feeling coming from deep within the heart. Lips assist jaws in the opening and closing the mouth. It can tightly prevent it from opening whenever required. This is another medium found that comprises a mouth. It also is very essential to human speech as it serves for form words.

Inside the mouth are the grinding and chewing implements called the teeth. This bone outgrowth is also important to human speech as it is in ingesting nourishment. These initially grow as temporary teeth and are replaced by permanent ones after they fall off. It is one of the hardest parts of the human body. Its enamel coating makes it last a lifetime when properly cared for.

Completing this facial area are the jaws. The mandibles can move up and down and side to side and are responsible for the chewing motion. It is the piece that exerts a force on a bite which can tear and shear meat and other objects. It is also essential in human speech as it controls the motion of the mouth. A broken jaw will make it hard for a man to chew.

A human face is very delicate and fragile. Any part that is damaged can have bad consequences as the organs located on it are interrelated. The mouth which is very essential in ingesting food and speech implement must be looked after with extra care. A defect or deformity resulting from accidents, birth defect, diseases can be rectified with oral surgery.

There are plenty of health facilities and medical practitioners that can perform oral surgery. Rectifying a facial defect is a very complicated and requires absolute expertise so you should be very extra careful in selecting a surgeon. Ask recommendations from friends or close associates or go to the nearest medical facility and make some inquiries in order to find the best.

Oral surgery deals with very delicate and vital parts of the mouth and the immediate surrounding. There is no such thing as an easy medical procedure so make sure that the surgeon that will do the procedure is someone who has a very good track record and whose reputation is unassailable. Solicit advise and recommendation from those who have undergone the same procedure.

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