Here Are A Few Foot Odor Remedy Tips That Can Impress

By Steven Wallace

Even though having smelly feet is an issue that is very common, no one is really willing to admit that he or she actually suffers from it. Needless to say, it's a completely embarrassing matter. Worry not if you secretly have it because you can rely on some kitchen ingredients for the attainment of much needed relief. If you like put the problem to an end using some simple foot odor remedy tips and tricks, just keep on reading.

Vinegar. Apple cider is a type of vinegar that is used as a home remedy for all kinds of everyday problems, ranging from indigestion, dandruff, warts to acne. It's also highly recommended for dealing with a smelly pair of feet. In order to employ apple cider vinegar properly, mix 1/2 cup of it with warm water. Soak your feet in it until the mixture is at room temperature already.

Black tea. More often than not, excessive sweating is the one to blame. A very effective way to minimize sweating is by allowing a pair of black tea bags to steep in one liter of hot water. Let the resulting brew cool for a few minutes. Once already warm, soak those feet in it for a while. Black tea is very good at putting excessive sweating under control as it can shrink those skin pores of yours.

Coconut oil. In some instances, having smelly feet can be blamed on a fungal infection. Such is true most especially if you are suffering from athlete's foot. A very effective home remedy that you may try is applying coconut oil. It is a good idea for you to allow the greasy substance to remain in place for several minutes to give it plenty of time to do its magic. Afterwards, blot off excess coconut oil with kitchen paper or a clean piece of cloth.

Garlic. Another impressive solution for that horrid smell caused by athlete's foot is a very common herb, and that's garlic. Its anti fungal properties enable it to put your athlete's foot to an end. Peel and slice in half a clove of garlic, then rub on your feet with the fleshy part down. Rinse off very well afterwards. Aside from garlic, you may also use onion.

Baking soda. A really versatile home deodorizer is baking soda. This common kitchen ingredient may also be used to have those feet of yours deodorized effectively. Towel dry your feet after showering or bathing and then use baking soda as a foot powder.

Go for the right socks. Make sure that your socks do not contribute to the problem. Socks that are out of cotton can help keep stinky feet at bay as they permit air to flow through them. See to it that the pair of cotton socks you are about to wear is clean.

Let your shoes dry very well. Consider having at least 2 pairs of shoes intended for working out. Such is a good idea most especially if you go to the fitness gym every single day. By having different shoes, each one can be given enough time to dry.

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