Fundamental Facts About Laser Hair Removal Plano

By Carolyn Long

There are a number of reasons to consider laser removal of hairs. Before you get to commit to treatment, it will be important to determine whether it is ideal for your case. Whereas there are many people who prefer it, it is never ideal for all individuals. Moreover, you would need to be committed to a going for several sessions for best outcomes. In considering laser hair removal Plano residents should be versed with what it involves.

Lasers are best suited for persons with dark hair and light skin. Over time, there are devices that have been designed to be used on people with dark skins and light hairs. With dark skin, using lasers will lead to the hairs getting discolored, unless special laser machines are used. That is because lasers work under the principle that hairs and not skin are what absorb light. Lasers should damage hair follicles without damaging the skin. The contrast that is there between skin and hair leads to the expected outcomes.

When it comes to the way the way the procedure works, lasers make use of pulsed light which target melanin in hairs. They light breaks down before destroying the melanin. That is why the treatment works well with hairs that are dark. Hairs grow in three phases, that is, growing, resting and shedding. Laser removal targets hairs during the growth phase. After treatment is done, hairs will take two weeks to fall out.

Lasers are able to target many follicles simultaneously. That makes it possible to treat large areas of skin. While an electrolysis procedure on the legs might take several months, lasers will accomplish the work in just about two hours. The best areas to be treated are arms, the back, the chest and shoulder. For the upper lips or chin, laser removal might not be as effective. You would be better off using electrolysis for the areas.

The time that the procedure takes will depend on the area which is being treated. For example, the back of the legs will take one or two hours while the upper lips could take just a few minutes. You will realize results after the first treatment. However, you will need four or six sessions which are spaced four weeks apart. Maintenance treatment will be needed once yearly.

With the use of lasers to remove hairs, there is no guarantee that the outcome will be permanent. Also, the treatment works more effectively for some people as compared to others. Some people do notice regrowth of hairs some time after treatment, while others will not need to shave again. You will need to discuss the possible results with your doctor.

There are some forms of preparation before treatment can be done. You will be asked to shave one or two days prior to treatment. You will also be asked to avoid tanning before the removal procedure. The doctor might also suggest that you do not take medications which might bring about side effects.

When the procedure is done, there may be redness and swelling on the area which was being treated. The effects are experienced some hours after removal of hairs. For reduction of discomfort, ice should be applied on the area which was treated.

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