For Laser Hair Removal Portland Is Worth Visiting

By Patricia Hill

Hair removal is a very important aspect of personal hygiene as well as appearance. People remove hairs on their bodies for several different reasons. In the past, this practice was mostly associated with females. It was both rare and awkward to find a man going into a beauty parlor and requesting to have their body hairs removed. However, times have changed and so has this practice. When one needs Laser Hair Removal Portland offers the perfect location to visit.

Nowadays, both men and women take part in hair removal. Some men have fully embraced this idea but others still find it uncomfortable to adopt. Gay men while trying to make themselves attractive to other gay men have been on the forefront of taking up this concept. A number of removal methods have been refined and invented due to the need for gay hair removal.

Shaving is one of the most common and traditional method of body hair removal followed closely by plucking. Males who are just picking up the practice of removing body hairs seem to prefer these two methods. Women still use more time on personal cleanliness than men even with the increase in the number of the metro-sexual man. Actually, plucking and shaving are favored by men since they are quick fixes.

When it comes to shaving, starting off by making sure the area that is shaved is sufficiently clean is important. Cleaning may be done with soap and water. Enough shaving cream needs to be spread on the area after it has been cleaned. In existence are a number of different shaving creams from which one can choose. In order to avoid rash shaving, shaving should be done following the grain.

After the skin has been shaved, it is possible for it to become dry. Rehydrating the shaved skin properly with specialized creams which can be purchased cheaply from home depots will prevent this from happening. This method is the cheapest and the most preferred option by men. Nevertheless, for a few days after shaving, the shaved region may feel a bit itchy.

Another group of methods that gay men prefer using is laser, waxing, use of creams, and use of machines. Waxing involves the use of warm wax to pluck hairs from the body. The plucking is done at the follicles, and when done correctly, it may take between 3 and 4 weeks for hairs to start growing again. This process needs to be performed by professionals in order to attain good results.

The process known as photothermolysis makes the basis for laser hair removal. The name is often abbreviated as SPTL. This process entails the destruction of basal stem cells, which are responsible for growth in hair. Basal stem cells are destroyed by being heated in a localized manner. The lasers used in localized heating destroy basal stem cells while not affecting other lighter cells and tissues around.

The principal behind SPTL is that light matter does not absorb heat better than dark matter. As such, the rate and intensity of light absorption is faster in dark adult melanin or hairs in comparison to bare skin. SPTL has a high level of efficiency at removing brown, black, and reddish-brown compared to light blonde, white, and strawberry blonde hairs.

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