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By Ann Evans

Many individuals do not know that they lose around 100 hairs in one day. This is because the growth of new hair happens simultaneously with the loss. There are instances, however, when there is disruption in the cycle of hair growth and shedding. There are a number of factors that may result in this disruption. They include hormonal changes, medical problems, hereditary factors, stressful events, supplements and radiation therapy. When in need of Hair restoration DE should be visited.

Excessive loss of hairs in addition to other temporal effects occurs because of the factors named above. Obtaining a solution to this situation is necessary when it occurs. Among the viable solutions is hair restoration. The removal and transfer of follicles from other body parts to the head is what this surgical procedure involves. The body part from which the hairs are extracted is referred to as by the term donor site.

The recipient site refers to the body part receiving the follicles. This is majorly applied in treating male pattern baldness. It can be additionally applied in filling scars, restoring chest hairs, beard hairs, pubic hairs, and eye lashes. The scars may be due to accidents or surgeries like facelifts.

This procedure, which is minimally invasive is conducted with grafts that are resistant to baldness follicles. One such donor site is the back of the head and another one is the sides of the head. Hair transplant is a practice that has been in existence for a long time now. Initial trials were unsuccessful since they resulted in individuals having hair like those of dolls.

The doll-like hairs were as a result of surgeons using hair plugs. Treating shedding of hairs using plugs did not achieve much success as they become quite noticeable with time. Luckily, technological breakthroughs had a solution for this problem as surgeons switched to follicular unit transplantation. Under this technique, donor hairs are harvested through either follicular unit extraction or strip harvesting.

The doll-like appearance of hairs is eliminated through strip harvesting or extraction of follicular units. One is able to harvest hairs in their natural group this way. During growth, natural groups constitute 1 to 4 hairs. Achievement of a natural appearance and attachment to a recipient site is possible through this technique. The reason for this is that this growth mimics the initial orientation.

People may not always get the natural appearance, even though it is what is supposed to happen. The results, in fact, are dependent on the surgeon conducting the restoration. The experience and training of the surgeon are important. Professionals in restoration procedures recommend that individuals should select a practitioner who does regular restorations and has deeper comprehension of the condition.

Finally, the candidates most suited for this job are dermatologists. These practitioners have their area of specialty in dealing hair, skin, and nails. One ought to make sure that a licensed and registered doctor does the restoration. Licensing of practitioners requires adhering to a set standard of training and practice. One should not place their lives at risk with people claiming to be certified but lack any visible qualifications or proof.

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