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By Donna White

A dentist is a dental practitioner who assists in maintaining good dental health and hygiene. Dentists have to undergo serious training, regulatory process, and licensing before they qualify to work as dental practitioners, offering dental service to the public. The essence of all this scrutiny is because oral hygiene is essential for the welfare of individuals. It is difficult for one to function well without good hygiene. The people around may also be affected. When one needs Coquitlam Dentist BC offers the perfect location to visit.

The role of the dentists is to treat, prevent, and also diagnose oral conditions. In doing so, they examine the patients physically and advise them on ways of maintaining good oral health. Dentists use various pieces of equipment when treating patients. The occupation of dentists requires them to be informed about various oral hygiene products that they can advise people to use to be healthier.

Part of the advice dentists give is that one has to brush their teeth twice a day. This ensures the removal of substances that cause cavities which are known as plaque. Plaque is a substance that is sticky and soft and it results from food debris eaten by individuals and bacteria. Tartar is caused when the plaque accumulates for a long time.

Tartar is normally yellowish in color and it is normally deposited on the surfaces of teeth. This is the substance which discolors teeth. If it is left to accumulate for long, it causes cavities. People should floss daily because brushing the teeth cannot remove all plaque deposited in some parts of the mouth., especially in between teeth.

Besides brushing, one is advised to see a dentist every once in a while. When one visits a dentist for regular checkup, they benefit in many ways. First, they have their mouth screened for any signs of oral cancer. Cancer screening is very important because statistics indicate that 24 people die every day in the US from this condition. Oral cancer is totally curable if it is diagnosed and treated while still in its early stages.

Gum disease has been proved to be among the major reasons for tooth decay. Other researches have linked gum disease to heart disease and stroke. It is possible to have the disease totally treated and the effects reversed if gingivitis is detected early. Periodontitis can develop if gingivitis treatment is not done early.

Periodontitis develop from gingivitis and is a more advanced condition. It causes loss of jaw bones if it is left untreated for long. An individual should visit a dentist as soon as they discover any signs of the diseases in their mouth. Nevertheless, because it is hard to notice some of the diseases while still in their early stage, the best solution is to see a dentist regularly.

Inherent oral condition can be indicated by bad breath. Statistics proves that 85 percent of the people with bad smell have a dental condition. A person should see a dentist if they have bad smell from their mouth. Some people often feel ashamed communicating about bad breath, but knowing that dentists are professionals and understand such situations is important.

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