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By Rebecca Taylor

The wearing of contact lenses is a very common trend in the United States and many other countries in the world at the moment. They have become a common replacement for traditional glasses because they offer a lot of convenience and other benefits to wearers. Generally, there are more women that wear these devices compared to men. Also, the devices are preferred more by younger people as opposed to the elderly. When one needs Contact lenses Everett offers the perfect location to visit.

Worldwide, the average age of people who wear these devices is 31 years. Invention of safer and better products is making use and adoption of the devices to occur at a higher and faster rate. Due to the high adoption of the trend, FDA offers close regulation to this industry. FDA is a government agency in the United States which is responsible for the regulation of drugs, medical equipment and other products related to safety.

The FDA regulates the devices through the Federal Food, Drug, Cosmetics Act. That means that all products which are produced, sold, used and imported into the country have to follow specific standards which are enforced by the FDA. All the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other stakeholders are supposed to comply totally. Normally, heavy penalties are imposed on individuals and entities that do not work according to the imposed standards.

Many individuals do not know much concerning these devices thus they can end up using them in an unsafe manner. Unsafe use normally results in very serious medical repercussions which cause permanent disability in many cases. In order to avoid this, it is essential to make sure the device is fitted and prescribed by a qualified and licensed eye care professional. Credentials of the practitioner have to be verified before they are provide the service.

The eye care practitioner normally carries out a comprehensive test on the patient before fitting these devices. For example, they will evaluate the wearer of any eye infection, allergies, and other conditions such as dry eyes prior to determining whether one is suitable to wearing them. To add on this, the practitioner provides instructions and advice on how they are to be maintained in terms of hygiene after each use.

Before wearing the devices, one is expected to disinfect and clean them properly. There are procedures for how one should disinfect and clean the products. If the products are over-worn, contaminated, or not maintained in good hygiene, they may cause some serious eye infections. In some severe situations, patients usually do lose their vision.

Besides hygiene, the eye care practitioner will also provide instructions regarding how long the devices should be worn. If these gadgets are worn beyond that time period, it is likely that they can cause eye problems. If the devices reach the end of their useful life, one should consult an eye doctor to have them changed.

For safety, people must disinfect and wash their hands before handling contact lenses. Before wearing make-up, individuals should wear lenses first and before they remove make up, they should remove these devices first. After wearing, they must ensure they can see clearly and are comfortable. If they discover any problem, they should seek medical help the soonest.

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