Food Allergy Stomach Pain Relief And Sensitivity Symptoms

By Margaret Wood

Food sensitivity is common in both humans and animals. And it can be hard to come to terms with when you are suddenly experiencing a symptom from something you are which may be your most favorite meal to date. Pay attention to the symptoms so you know how to overcome what you are feeling using food allergy stomach pain relief.

The first factor you need to understand is whether you have an allergy or whether you have an intolerance to something. Let s break it down; an intolerance is when your body lacks something specific which helps with the digestive process. Whereas an allergy is something that clashes with your immune system and gives you a bad reaction. Both, however, may have similar side effects but it s important to know the difference and to feel the difference.

Gluten is a common problem that people usually have which is why they will request gluten-free products when shopping or ordering food. Sometimes the gluten can cause the body to have a bad reaction or perhaps add to what you are feeling from another issue that you have. This is why some people move onto gluten-free diets.

Coffee, energy drinks and a few others all contain caffeine. And although you may think it is fine to consume you may not be aware of the reaction you are having. For instance, what it is meant to do is keep you alert. But what it is not meant to do is make you struggle to fall asleep. If you suffer from the latter, you may want to cut down as this is not the right effect.

Many people are lactose intolerant and this should not be confused with an allergy. People suffer from this because their bodies do not have enough of a certain enzyme to digest the lactose which is found in dairy products. The symptoms for this can be difficult to live with. It includes gas, diarrhea, abdomen pain and much more. This can be quite hard to live with if you don t follow the right steps.

To be completely sure of what you are feeling, you should visit your doctor. The biggest reason for this is that you need to know exactly what caused it. The one way your GP can help is to draw up a chart of what you can and cannot consume. This will help remind you what to steer away from. You can also ask for the products that will be easier to digest and list them down so when you shop, you buy the right stuff.

As much as the problem may seem mild and you may want to continue, you should always remember that if you don t avoid it, you could cause other issues. For example, if you are allergic to caffeine, you could still be consuming sweet products such as energy drinks because it tastes good and ends up with a heart attack because your body couldn t take it.

If you feel that what you are going through isn t that bad, you may want to think again. Your health should come first and no matter how severe or mild the problem is, you should always have it checked out.

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