Effective Vitamins For Brain Injury

By Karen Hall

Depends on what type of external or internal force that impacts a brain, it could damage the mind in a lot of different ways. The effect could either be one a one particular side of the brain or the totality of it. Studies were made to improve the functionality of the mind through various vitamins for brain injury.

There are a couple type of injuries that a brain could suffer from, it is either traumatic or acquired. It is identified as traumatic if the damage was made as the effect of a great hit from an outside strength. This could then lead to a probable lifetime impairment or only temporary.

Happenings that are considered as a traumatic injury includes contusion, concussion, diffuse axonal, penetration and coup countercoup. When it suffers from trauma due to an aggressive impact from an external source or a sudden change in movement, concussion occurs. Contusion is when there is a bleeding or bruises found on a brain.

Diffuse Axonal is caused by strong rotation or shaking of the head which further leads to tearing down of nerve tissues inside a brain of a person. The tearing of those tissues could direct to temporary or indefinite widespread brain damage. Penetrating injury to it is usually the cause from the impact of a bullet, knife or other sharp materials that forces fragments from the object, hair, bone and skin into it.

There was a study that was conducted on vitamins, minerals and nutrients from a group of researchers coming from Southern Illinois University, which enhances therapies for brain injuries. It was found that several vitamins C, D, E, B2, B6 and B9 in foods, contain potential nutritional value. Omega 3, magnesium, and nicotinic acids were identified to contain capable treatment for TBI.

Acquired brain injuries are something that has something to do with the inside activities of your brain. Such acquired injuries are known as hypoxia, toxins, stroke and tumors, and other occurrence not entirely due to an outside force. This affects certain areas in the brain.

When a brain is lacking completely of oxygen flow in a head, Anoxia takes place. There are three various kinds of anoxia that may take place. First is anoxic, it is when it has not received any supply of air. Second is termed as anemic, when there is no sufficient blood carried in to the head. And last, toxic, when several metabolites or toxins hinder the passage of air to the head.

Injury on brain is labeled as hypoxic if it does not receive adequate amount of oxygen. Ischemic Hypoxia takes place if the blood flow on a mind has been massively reduced to a very low number. Furthermore, stroke happens when there is a complete blockage in the artery stopping the blood from flowing.

Vitamins that could help battle this sort of injury include Vitamin D which protects your muscles, mind and bones. If recovering from a stroke, Niacin is beneficial for it supplies brain function. And fish oils which contain DHA and EPA that keeps that mind healthy.

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