Dealing With Sun Damage By Means Of Photofacial Denver Medical Spas Are Offering

By Sharon Jones

Refrain from assuming that being in your 20s or 30s can keep you from developing fine lines, wrinkles and other beauty nightmares. According to dermatologists, excessive sun exposure is something that can cause all sorts of aging signs to appear prematurely. In fact, it's the number one reason why a lot of young women are complaining that they look so much older than their actual age. Worry not because there are so many remedies for such cosmetic problem, and one of the most effective of the bunch is photofacial Denver medical spas are offering these days.

To put it briefly, this modern day facial procedure entails the use of pulses of intense light beams. So in a nutshell, light is employed to reverse the effects of exposure to another light source which is the sun. During the treatment, the practitioner uses a hand held instrument that is designed to shoot beams of light onto your skin.

It works really effectively as it promotes synthesis of collagen. It's not unlikely for you to easily come across anti aging serums and creams that contain collagen, and that's why it may sound really familiar. Actually, your very own body has the ability to make its own supply of collagen. Buying those pricey anti aging commodities, needless to say, is not really a necessity. What you need to do is instruct your body to manufacture more collagen than usual. However, the sad truth is this is something that's easier said than done.

Your body becomes less adept at creating collagen as time passes by. In short, aging causes less and less collagen to come into being. This is why fine lines and wrinkles are commonly seen in women of advanced age.

Staying under the blistering sun can worsen things. Dermatologists say that UV radiation the sun gives off can cause rapid deterioration of your collagen stores. If more collagen is destroyed than created, many different cosmetic issues can show up and pester you. Even if you have young skin that's capable of generating sufficient amounts of collagen, being in the sun for a long time especially between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon can still cause those premature aging signs to come into being.

Undergoing the facial treatment on a regular basis encourages your skin to generate more collagen. This helps in reversing damage that too much sun can bring. It's actually proven more effective than the use of anti aging creams and serums because, according to dermatologists themselves, the collagen they contain cannot be utilized by the skin tissue.

Aside from fine lines and wrinkles, photofacial is also effective for dealing with many other cosmetic issues. Skin care experts highly recommend it for women who are bugged by skin redness, large pores and uneven tone. It is actually an effective treatment for stretch marks and scars, too.

It's not enough that you regularly get treatment. You need to considerably reduce your sun exposure, too. This means that you should try your best to stay indoors past 10 in the morning and before 4 in the afternoon. If you are left with no choice but to spend time outdoors, remember to apply sunscreen with an SPF of not less than 30.

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