Charlotte Weave Salon And Balayage To Look More Natural

By Carol Stevens

After countless hairstyles and new looks, dying and highlights. You must be feeling like you ve done everything and are in need for something new. Something a closer to what looks like your real hair color. Balayage might pick your interest, a lot of people are gravitating towards it. People are trying to look more like themselves. The first thing to do is ask at Charlotte weave salon if they can pull it off.

So what is this new hair-do that is on everyone s lips? It comes from the French and it refers to a special way of highlighting your hair. The word actually refers to painting and the way it is applied to your hair is similar to that. They use a brush to apply the dye on your hair. Be warned, not every place can do this so you must check before you just assume everyone can. Don t book an appointment before you confirm.

Many people tend to compare this look with Ombre, and some are really convinced it is the same thing. Ombre is also a French word, it means shadow. It also means changing from a lighter color to a darker one, it is the title of the hairstyle. While Balayage is just a technique, a way to do something. So you can ask for an ombre and that will give you an entirely different look. While this other technique is more about returning your hair to a natural state.

This can be done all types of hair. Long and short, even light or dark. So you can get it no matter the hair color or type. You can fo ask for it don t be discouraged by no fearing if it will suit you or not. If your roots are lighter, that means your hair will be lighter. It is all about working with your natural look. The tone of your actual hair color will be the focal point.

You don t have to worry about it, this look is not limited to a fun time. It can be fun but it works for a professional setting too. So it s not too funky for the office, yet not too strict for a good time with the girls. This saves you lots of money in that you don t have to keep switching looks for different occasions. If you get it done, you know you have a kill two birds with one stone situation.

Have you ever been in the salon for what feels a lifetime, consider yourself done with that tedious part of your life? To add this super technique requires no salon maintenance. It does not need constant fixing and lasts quite long. It s a good way to save up on those budget strict months, just hop into your salon and request this type of hair. It really doesn t get any better than this.

Being used to having a dark color might make you apprehensive when thinking about changing. No need to stress this is your entry. There s is no need for a complete and drastic dark to light hair color. Have a chat with your hairsty stylist about some of these fears to help you. This technique can be like a trial period of sorts. To see how lighter hair colors make you feel.

This is a good way to try new things. If you have never tried this look, now is your chance. There is nothing to be afraid of if you want to introduce lighter colors you can go at it this way.

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