What You Need To Know About For Eyelid Surgery Houston

By Jose Wood

One of the most important facial features is the eyes. These can communicate everything you need to know about a person even without asking them. They can tell whether you are happy, sad, tired, exhausted, stressed or whether you slept well. They are also the places that show whether a person is old or not. Hence, people tend to have the blepharoplasty operation to reduce the wrinkles that form around the eyes. If you also want to undertake the best eyelid surgery Houston can offer, you should find a good surgeon. Below is an outline of the procedure.

The primary focus of this procedure is to improve the appearance of the eyes of a person. The procedure can be performed either on the upper blepharoplasty, the lower one or both. The surgeon starts by putting the patients under. Anesthesia is thus applied through intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The doctor will, therefore, look for the best medication to do so.

After sedation, the step that follows is to do an incision on the nictating membrane. Therefore, the surgeon creates these incisions before going to the next step of the operation. The purpose of these incisions is to conceal the scars that result after the procedure. The wounds are typically covered or hidden through the natural nictating membrane structures. Hence, it can be difficult for anyone to realize you have been operated on unless you tell them.

Your upper blepharoplasty may be corrected by creating incisions in the natural crease of the nictating membrane. These incisions allow the surgical doctor to get rid of excess fat. Also, the doctor can reposition the excess fats as well. In addition, the professional will tighten your eyelid muscles hence the excess skin will be removed.

The doctor also corrects the lower lid through similar procedures. Hence, the professional creates cuts on the lower lash. Then, just like the upper blepharoplasty procedure, the doctor gets rid of excess fats and repositions them. Also, the doctor tightens the muscles and removes all excess skin. The patient can decide to undertake one of the procedures or both. However, the doctor must advise the patients before the procedure.

The next step is closing the incisions that were made. These incisions are sealed with skin glue or sutures in case sutures are used, they are removed within one week. Your surgeon may suggest using chemical peel or laser to reduce any discoloration that may have formed on the lower nictating membrane.

After this operation, your eyes will appear to have a swelling look and bruising subside reveling well-defined and tender-looking nictating membrane. Also, the surrounding area will look smooth and tender as well. Hence, your eyes will be rejuvenated and more alert than before.

If you would like to go through this procedure, you must make sure that you have found the best surgical doctor. The doctor must be experienced and competent. Hence, research is paramount when you are looking for this kind of specialist. If you are not careful, the procedure may go completely wrong.

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